Second terminal

Hi, I have just successfully completed my first terminal with 22 medium stands and 3 small ones.
I started to build a second terminal and as soon as I placed bus stops car stops and a tube station, passengers meant for terminal one came pouring in even though I had not placed any check-in desks yet. I demolished all the transport hubs to try and stop them only to find they where walking round in both directions, some even running across taxi ways. Amusing but clearly no good.
Can someone tell me how to get round this please.

A temporary fix while building the new terminal would be to immediately zone it’s accessible entrances/exits/open walls as a staff zone until you want to open it to the public.

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Multiple terminals is not yet supported in ACEO. There is an ‘in between’ option to separate secure zones, but that doesn’t cover the arrival of passengers to the different terminals. AFAIK it is now possible to separate runways and stands, as the game should be able to figure out that stands 123~ are connected to runway A and stands 456~ to runway B, etc. But I’ve not tested this yet, so I cannot confirm that.


The only way I have been able to get 2 terminals to work is to have a common transport area for cars, busses and underground. The passengers will then just wonder round either terminal/transport area until check in is ready then head to the correct terminal. As long as the secure zones for each terminal don’t touch then it should all run smoothly. You may encounter delays with staffing as a job maybe allocated to someone in the other terminal.

Happy building!

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Hi, yes ,I tried that and your right about delays. No matter how well staffed I am I struggled to get most of the aircraft away before midnight leading to unacceptable penalty fines and I don’t want to go back to 24 hour opening.

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