Runway selection suggestion

Today, we can only choose what size a runway should allow.
And the other setting is if the Runway is for landing or takeoff or both.

I want to suggest to further split up the size option at the runways. Make the sliders induvial for take off and landing. That way we can choose what size of planes are allowed to takeoff and/or land.
I do understand this is mostly useful in the late game.
But due the poorly taxi priority rules currently in game it can help a lot.

For me personally I have a runway where I want all planes to land.
But only small planes should be allowed for takeoff.

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I can see the benifit of this. For example a large airport with terminals in middle, and a northern or southern, you may have some specific size stands to the far north or south maybe across the runways, you may want them to break the rules to avoid lengthy taxi.

Real world example London Heathrow, terminal 4 is south of the southern runway, it is more efficient sometimes for those aircraft serving T4 to arrive and depart the nearer runway, since the crossing itself would take up time, effectively blocking both runways for a period of time.


You read my mind. Basically that’s my set up. Two runways, one of the left, one on the right. Right side is for landing. Left side is for takeoff. But since my T4 that have small aircraft only, and GA is on the right side next to the landing runway, they block everything when they need to taxi across the airport to take off. This is also the only terminal that has small planes so it would benefit me at least soo much :stuck_out_tongue: Or they change the taxi coding for distance between planes, haha.

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It is very rare for that, unless it is within 20 minutes of runway swap over time (15:00)
Yes, it would make sense but operations still dictate arrivals or departure

There are exceptions where one aircraft requests to depart from 27L instead of 27R, but it is rare (pre-2020 obviously)

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