Question about Firetrucks response

I got my first ever engine failure event.
And I have a big airport with four terminals.
And This flight got assigned a stand on T4, witch happens to be furthest from the arriving RWY.

I have a fire and police station assigned for every terminal. And that is the problem, because it sent the truck from the fire station for T4.
It did not make it there in time. RIP 264 Souls onboard flight LH366.

Mean while, the fire station for T1 is directly next to the arriving rwy.

do I need a fire station assigned to every terminal?
Or can I have one for the hole airport unassigned?
What would be best for a big airport?

Pics of my airport can be found here

I propose two changes.

  1. Change so fire trucks always are sent from the closest station from “where they need to go”
  2. Change so EMC aircraft can land at any runway.

I would also wanna see more settings for what aircraft can use what rwy.
As proposed here.

I think fire and police stations do work independent from terminals. But I have also noticed that it sometimes doesn’t select the best station in case of an emergency. Not sure if it’s a bug or not. In some cases, the fire engine always came from the other side of my airports.

Correct, it’s not tied to terminals as that could cause issues at the heat of the moment and the fact that fire trucks really only travel by road as close as they can and then after that drive to the burning aircraft directly. It selects the appropriate vehicle mainly based on distance.

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So I should in fact have only one fire station that is not zoned to a terminal?

That can depend on the length of the path and complexity of the road (many turns and existing traffic)

If you have runways on both sides of the map and the fire station not on a central/efficient spot, the truck may arrives too late.

But it would be interesting to see if it really selects always the nearest truck of if there is a bug when there is more then one depot

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