Runway not connected

Hey there.
Maybe i am just dumb but i didnt find a solution to my problem, yet…
I build a second runway so i had a dedicated takeoff and landing one.
Now the second runway is fully operational but will not connect to the stands so i allways get errors stating that my other runway doesnt support takeoff.
How do i assign the runway to the stands so i can cancel that error?

Thanks for your help!

Post a screenshot please of the runways, stands and taxiways please. Also what version are you on?

Also please enable the taxiway nodes (shortcut key T) on the screenshot as well, that way you can also check if the taxiways from the stands are properly connected to your runways.

Ii had a runway with a connection at either end, it failed to recognise the runway.

There you go

Left is takeoff, right landing

Can you do two more please? One each of each runways clicked on?

You are also mixing old and new. Fredrik has advised against that as that causes issues.

EDIT: I’ve not seen the new connections on grass before. My bad.

Now they toally refuse to land :frowning:

Can you do two more please? One each of each runways clicked on?

Try to use the same material for the entry/exit as the runway/other exits/other entries itself. Don’t mix up materials. I had the same problem after upgrading my runway until I fully replaced them too. Looks like they won’t be recognized, if you mix different kind of entries/exits/runways in some situations,

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