Reykjavik International Airport

Welcome to our newest build, Reykjavik International Airport (RIA)

Located to the north of Reykjavik City, we are the one stop airport for airlines between the US and Europe.

With 20 Medium stands and 7 large stands we cater for a range of aircraft coming as far a field as Asia and the Middle East.

So lets start this tour with an overview

Upon arrival you can either park up, get a local bus service, taxi, or get dropped off. Cars, buses and taxis are separated and can only travel one way to avoid congestion.

You will then head to level 1 for check in

The airport is a mirror image, so left and right are near enough the same.

Security is next and depending on what part of the airport you are heading to will determine what checkpoint you go through.

Right and left will take you to the respective gates and the central ones will take you to the large stands and the rest of the airport

To the left from security you will come to the Maple departure lounge, exclusive for Maple medium aircraft

To the Right we have the Air Strada departure lounge.

And straight on from Security will take you over the Sky Bridge with great views over the airfield and home to Icelands largest Duty free shop

Over the sky bridge will bring you to the large stands and the remaining medium stands

Heading from one of our large stands, we have 3 boarding gates per stand to get you on your way as soon as possible

Big bird line up

Upon arrival you will head down to level 0


If arriving at one of the large stands or on a flight that is not Maple or Air Strada you will head back over the skybridge below the dutyfree shop

And end up back in the central arrival area

and collect your bags from one of the reclaim areas

You baggage will be taken care of from our baggage bays located on the staff only area on -1

Last of all we have our service area for fuel, catering and cleaning

We have tried to be as green as possible and have a number of plants and green areas around the airport.

Surprisingly we don’t have any deicing facilities, unfortunately due to land constraints these had to be omitted. if an aircraft needs deicing our ramp team will head out with a can of deicer and a little scrapper and go to work on the aircraft.

I hope you enjoy our latest airport, we have also acquired some land on the west of the USA so our team are hard at work getting this project started.


Wow! A really nice build, everything looks very nicely laid out and super cool attention to detailing in the terminal. Well done! :slight_smile:


This is great! great detail.

Have you had any issues with your fuel trucks being isolated from stands with that much to support? And or path issues from trucks assigned to those lots?

Definitely going to need to incorporate a lot of these into future planning for my future airports … today :laughing:


The airport is impressive! I do love the 2 a380s in a row


No none at all, there are direct roads from the fuel farm and other services to all stand areas, and baggage trucks have their own dedicated roads to the baggage bays so they don’t really interfere with one another.

Thank you! I didn’t realise how much fuel those big birds took up, counted 6 trucks to fill up one a380!

Thank you, I really enjoy the building and detailing of the airports.

Beautiful airport! It’s amazing how detailed it is despite not having many objects to work with.

Also, that is a bit unconventional but smart way to deal with ice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Worlds best idea

I enjoyed reading this and it was a pleasure to look at the design :smile:
I hope more awesome designs come out soon

very nice detailing! I love the idea of making airline-specific concourses; I wish it was possible using the autoplanner!

Are you able to upload to steam? Would like a look at this working.

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