London South Airport (LSA)

Hi fellow CEO’s

Following on from the success of London Stevenage Airport

London Stevenage Airport

and Reykjavik International Airport

Reykjavik International Airport

Power Airports International have purchased a small airport in Northern France, near the town of Calais.

Formally Calais International Airport, Power Airports have re branded as London South Airport, only a short 1 hour 30 ferry ride to Dover, and then a 2 hour car ride to central London, thats right I hear you cry, from landing you can be in central London in under 4 hours!

So what have we purchased…

Calais International Airport was a small single story terminal with 14 small stands, 4 medium stands and 6 general aviation stands.

We purchased this airport just after an earthquake stuck, locally known as Alpha 33. The airport sits between 2 plates and as a result of the earthquake the runway shifted, causing it to be miss aligned with the exits, so our first job was to relay these exits to enable operations again.

With the runway exits fixed and operations resumed money is starting to come back in.

We have a new master plan in place to upgrade the facilities and modernise the terminal. I will update when construction is complete on phase 1.

See You Soon!


“earthquake known locally as Alpha 33”

To quote Bill Wurtz: ‘yeouch’


like the alpha 32-33 reference with the runways

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Phase 1 is now complete…

One of the main complaints we had was that passengers had to cart their own baggage to and from the aircraft, so out first investment was in a new basic baggage system, 2 baggage bays have been built one for the medium stands and the other for the small stands. To make way for the baggage handling and a new baggage claim area we have extended the terminal a little, revamped the toilets, and laid some new flooring.

In addition to the new baggage features we have a new cafe area and terminal entrance

and the last part of phase 1 was the completion of a new car park area and passenger pick up and drop off.

New Parking and drop off

Power Airports are dedicated to bringing new and exciting features, so phase 2 is well under way and we have been approved planning permission for a new upgraded runway, taxi ways and a new control tower.

Join us soon for the next update!


Nice Airport


Phase 2 is now complete, and after a short closure we have increased our runway and widened our taxi ways to handle the biggest of aircraft.

And also we have built a new state of the art control tower

2 control tower

As a result of the new runway and taxiway our general aviation facilities have sadly closed, and we have also lost 2 of our small stands. A small price to pay for the development.

This completes Phase 2.

All that remains for us is to wish you all from Power Airports a Merry Christmas.

2 tree


I’m going make a London south west airport (Located in Canada)

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Haha, Ryanair would be all over that!


But did I mention it’s in Vancouver?


Development never stops, and in preparation for phase 4, we have built a new fuel farm

3 Fuel farm

added a new large remote stand

3 Large stand

and extended the terminal a little for a new gate area.

3 terminal extension

We have also had some sad new, one of our major airlines Stripe Airlines have ceased trading as of midnight last night, as the last aircraft departed this left a big hole in our flight planner.

We are in the early stages of negotiation with some other airlines interested in getting into the London market, so watch this space!

Despite the loss of one of our major airlines, we are still planning on major expansion. Phase 4 will include a new terminal area with direct access to some medium stands.

See you soon!

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Phase 4 is here!

In our last update we said about the unfortunate demise of Stripe Airlines, to fill the gap left our sales team went speaking to new airlines and Swiftly agreed to a select few charter flights, first of all was a morning arrival from Brazil, operated by a 747, and then in the afternoon we had a 787 service from Asia.


Swiftly said that if the charter flights go well they may start a new contract for scheduled services.

Back to the airport and In this update we have added 4 new medium

An upgraded security check point

4 security

a new baggage and shop area

And the new gate area

We have come miles since we took over operations. Phase 5 is on the cards, and we are speaking with the local authorities for the next phase.

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@ceoandy Is there another update, or is Alpha 34 an earthquake too. :wink:

Phase 5 is now complete!

We had some trouble with the planning so a bit of a delay in construction. Alas we won against the locals and powered on!

So without further-ado

We have had some new additions…

A quick overview

We have extended our north gate area, adding an extra medium stand

An updated remote stand boarding area, giving room for 2 buses to service the large stands

To service the new stands and upgraded large stands we now have a metro station. The Metro station links us to the ferry port of Calais so this reduces the time to central London to 3hours 45, shaving a whopping 15 minutes!

We have also moved our baggage bays underground

This makes way for our new services area so we can now offer catering and garbage disposal to our airline partners.

As you can see phase 5 has been a big one, we at Power airports never sleep on development, so phase 6 is in the pipeline. However we have heard some murmurs from the EU commission about some new laws coming in place. So lets watch this space!


In our last post we said about some murmurs coming from the EU, these turned out to be true, and they have passed a new law called Alpha 35. Which basically means we are no longer allowed to operate international flights without passport checks taking place.

So what does this mean for an airport located in Northern France which is named London South Airport…

Thankfully as a lot of our passengers use us to reach central London (in no less that 3 hours 45!) all passport checks are done by the local authorities in Calais and Dover to enter and leave the UK. So this brings us to only being able to accept domestic flights from France.

In light from the above, this has brought us some sad news from our airline partners, Crown, Olympus and Switfly who previously brought us international travelers have decided to cancel their contracts, as the Domestic market wasn’t big enough for them.

Good news always comes and our marketing team have been hard at work. They have managed to score a new start up which just specialises in domestic travel Jumper Airlines. They were also able to get Goose Wings on board who have a big presence in France so are able to offer a big domestic flying network.

That is our latest update, we are still speaking with the planning officials for Phase 6, and our architects have been redesigning the plans to ensure we are up to date with the new Alpha 35 law so we can accept international flights.


So its been a while since our last update at London South Airport, and with the new EU ruling A35 we have introduced passport control and an international area. So lets take a little tour of whats new.

First of all to make way for the new areas we had to move the domestic baggage reclaim. This is now located outside just a short walk from the arrivals area.

To make room for a new departure area we have expanded upwards, to get to the new area there is stairs and lifts after security, we have had to sacrifice some retail space for this.

7 stairs

upstairs will take you to passport control to allow access to the international area.

In the international area once cleared passport control there is the usual shops and restaurants

Ready to board you will depart from one of the connected gates or from either of the 2 remote stands.

when heading back to the airport you will deplane and arrive to ground level, if you arrive at a remote stand then you will get bussed to the arrivals area, which at the moment we only have room for 1 stop so can get crowded.

8 int dep remote arrivals

You will then arrive at passport control, and you can enter the green channel for EU nationals, or the red channel for those that need a visa or from outside of the EU.

It can get very busy so be prepared to wait at peak times.

This leads to the international baggage reclaim, but we only have 1 belt for 6 gates so again be prepared to wait!

This concludes our little tour, our next phase is in the pipeline to expand the international zones, and the needed features.

Our little airport seems to be booming at the moment, passenger numbers have never been so high, lets hope nothing can change this!


Love the airport so far but 2 things
A: after every new phase, can we get a picture of the entire airport, so we can better see where all the changes are

you might want to fix that up a bit, looks a bit messy


I would have never ring an airport to a current update because it I am lazy and normally don’t have any space anyway, so props to you for doing that! :slight_smile: