Update on Test Airport?

Hello Devs.

I probably shouldn’t have created a whole topic for this but hey ho.
I’ve just been wondering over the past few weeks whats going to happen with the “Default Test Airport” feature. The last I heard of it, was in April.

Meanwhile, the contest airports for this feature are outdated anyway. Apoasis just never officially announced any result of this contest. Possibly because it was done to short before the release of multi floors update?

It’s a memento to the screenshot contest. They honored the submissions with a large delay, as they got it off their mind and needed to be reminded first too.

Yeah, sorry about this. This is one of the big cons about running a fast paced development like this. The airport contest ended pretty much when multiple floor started becoming a thing which rendered the submissions, not useless, but as Seraphin said, outdated. The current plan is to, now that we have Alpha 31 since long out on the stable branch, honor this contest by declaring a winner and then either having the winner, or us, adapt the airport so that it fits with the latest build. We will regardless have to continually update that airport as we add new content, now with the 1.0 road map for Airport CEO laid out there’s quite a few things that will have to go into it…


Thank you so much for the information.


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I would love to submit ABQ as a test airport!!!

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