Recruiting new employees in bulk

One thing that has annoyed me when recruiting a certain amount of employees is that I can’t seem to recruit it in bulk; the max I can recruit employees right now is only 5, which isn’t practical as the airport’s size grows. Eventually, job tasks are left delayed because of the deficit in the number of employees (esp. ramp agents since they have the most tasks in the airport I believe), resulting in flights being delayed. I would like to hear all of your opinions, what do you guys think of this situation?


Yes please. The CEO of an airport is never involved in the actual hiring process, especially once they hire an HR manager. I think a nice amount of depth could be added if as the CEO I can fill in how many employees I want and how much I want to pay for them. The ‘HR manager’ will then find the employees with a skill level that fits inside my given budget. Spending more money for the same amount of staff will give me more expensive and skilled staff, but will increase their efficiency and decrease the amount of delays.

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I actually like the current way where I have to decide between directly hiring the 5 workers even if they have bad skills or waiting longer for someone with better skills to come up.
But indeed @RubenGass’s idea doesn’t sound too bad. What about an option you get once you hired the HR manager to let him automatically hire employees. You just set the required number for each job type and additionally have a slider to set the minimum qualification level (so you could say: hire ramp agents until we got 50, but only hire those with at least 80% quality even if it takes longer then).
The system with 5 available employees at once could still remain in place (or maybe make it 10), the HR manager would just automatically hire from there.
There just has to be a “quality logic” implemented. In my example I said quality 80%, but actually there are 4 different skills - and it’s not always obvious which skills are required for which job. So if I select minimum quality of 80% the game should check it according to the required skills for the job (if you had to set all 4 minimum skill levels for every type of job at the HR manager it would be too much in my opinion).

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HR manager can automatically hire for certain criteria and limit. I would like to see that kinda option

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I was thinking about this too.

With the hiring of an HR director, you could specify quantity and criteria. Like, hire 20 security with at least 30% stress management. Obviously the more stringent the criteria, the longer the hiring would take, since the game would have to spawn/reject more applicants.

That way, if you know you’ll need 60 ramp agents, you can set that requirement and have them hired as you build out your airport. If you have the time, you can wait longer for better applicants.

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