Quick Questions, Quick Answers

Such a thread works well in other game forums.So I guess I’ll have the honour of going first:

Do we know what public transport options will be available in the pre-alpha release? Buses only?

yes we do

Please look to see if your questions are answered somewhere else before you make a new thread. Also, the forum rules tell you not to make a thread a name like this. :slight_smile::disappointed:

Where exactly does it say you can’t have a QA thread because I can’t find it. And it would be weird if it did

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Use the search function, type in “Forum Rules”, read the forum rules. :grinning:

Make sure that your post has a relevant title! Do not post topics with titles such as “some questions”, “a few suggestions” or similar as these will be deleted immeadiately to avoid cluttering the forum.

There’s nothing in there that says you can’t have a QA thread. Or at least, I can’t find it

Thx for the link @pderuiter. As it says, post topics with relevant titles, do not use topics with names such as some questions.

This is completely different. It’s similar to the thread on making tiny suggestions but instead of suggestions you ask a simple one line sentence question instead of starting a whole new thread. Most forums have such a thread

Ohh Ok sorry. If the devs see fit to close this they will but this actually may be a good idea for simple one-line questions.

Like this

Or this

It really helps

This is still the purpose of the search function…

Although it might help you it still clutters the forum up with un-necessary threads.

By the nature of quick question quick answer: the person who wants a quick answer won’t bother looking for the actual answer or the thread dedicated to quick answers using the search function and thus they will create a new topic for a simple question.

I do not think it should be encouraged especially when the search function is available and is more than likely to get you the answer you need using just one or two search terms…

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The fact that the first question was already answered somewhere else kind of emphasizes the point :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter. All forums have search functions. They all say to use it first. Most people don’t no matter what you do. At least over at Paradox and other forums they recognise this as a problem and try to address it. Quite well actually. It’s already 1150 pages long. Assuming only a third are questions and the other two thirds answers you do the math of how many threads they avoided.
This actually helps. A lot.

Let us stop this discussion. It’s clear you won’t be persuaded by what we are saying.

We are not trying to limit threads. We are trying to limit pointless threads.

I do like it that you compare this 500+ member forum with paradox. Apparently games small and large should be handled exactly the same

This forum will grow, exponentially up to a point, as more information is released and word spreads, up when the interest is saturated. Then it’ll drop off again as initial interest is lost leaving the more hardcore supporters who like a neatly organised forum. So during that period of interest a lot of “nuisance” threads will be created that should probably be planned for as a forum…

i don’t mind the extra threads, i’d love to have more people become enthusiastic about this game. Just not a fan of people barging in and near demanding things being like they want it instead of going with the flow :slight_smile:

I can see something in this idea. We can eventually make a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) discussion that is pinned to the top and contains answers to questions that are asked a lot. We can then tell users that before they post, they need to take a look there… :slight_smile: Something for the future forum mod(s)?

Will there be a way to change the date layout? Where I’m from the layout is different to that which is in the build as we have seen…

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