As the forum grows and as the number of future CEO’s increase, it is important to from time to time refresh the forum rules so that we all can have a pleasant stay.

For your convenience, the rules have been summarized below:

  • The Airport CEO Forum is an open and friendly community, everyone is equal and must interact by common sense and treat each other with respect.

  • Please search before posting. There might be a chance that your question has already been answered.

  • Make sure that your post has a relevant title! Do not post topics with titles such as “some questions”, “a few suggestions” or similar as these will be deleted immeadiately to avoid cluttering the forum.

  • If you want to add suggestions or ideas to the game, try to emphasize the added gameplay value your suggestion could potentially give and argument why it should be implemented.

  • If you want to suggest or inquiry about something really, really small (such as light flash patterns for a certain aircraft type), please consider posting it in the minor details suggestion thread.

  • While the ACEO developers just like everyone else lurk around these forums, please refrain from using the tagging feature (i.e. @Apoapsiss) in order to get developer attention and input on an idea. Trust me, they read everything.

  • Most importantly: Have fun! :airplane:

Thanks for reading,

// HAL9000 - Intelligent Forum Engine