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Hello. Recently I’ve been watching your Trello boards, and I saw that some features like the big plane aren’t there. Also, for days I see the multi floor construction and rendering in “In progress” card. Are you working on it? Will it take much time?

Multi floors has been like that for weeks as an implementation like that takes a lot of time as issues such as pax/staff/vehicle routing has to be sorted along with new UI and items such as stairs, elevators and car ramps have to be designed.
The devs haven’t given an exact timescale as to when multi floors should be added to the game though have said that they are working on in in numerous forum posts and dev logs

The same goes for large planes as the new aircraft have to be designed from scratch by people like @Rubble and new stands have to be designed.

I hope this sort of answered your question! :+1:


Okay. Can I track the aircraft work progress? Will there be a new UI?

When I say UI i mean how the different levels will look in the game.

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yes, completely forgot the word. :joy:

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I’m not ready to open up my drives I’m afraid. Regular updates will be delivered through the Dev Blogs/Trello Boards and just like Jettuh you may well find some sneak peaks here and there.


@EG0611 Sorry, Maple was already selected before the vote for 787 liveries a week or more was even announced. It’s a Great livery to build against to ensure everything works.

The launch livery for the -8 you know now. There will be additional liveries too along with this one though. How many depends on the packaging of the sprites.


Will it be in alpha 31 or 32?

Difficult to say at this point unfortunately!

By the way, wanted to ask you will there be in future implemented this or this? Also what with the moving walkways and baggage carts? (this and this)

(I know it was implemented because of the pre-alpha trailer)

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