Border service (and additional ideas)

Hello community.
I’m playing ACEO for quite a lot of time. You know from the title what i’m talking about. currently, there is no border service in game, but there is security. The border booths can be found in every airport, also the special carriage service or whatever it’s called. I think it’ll be better if i just write the ideas right below.
• Creating “Border service”
• Making border patrol booths
• Possibility to assign border patrol agent to patrol always or in some hours. (If the agent isn’t patrolling, he could come to nearest booth or staff room.
• Passenger satisfaction depending on security level
• Separated security and border service satisfactiom level
Additional ideas
• Artificial passenger reviews or writing reviews of map from workshop via game.
• More things available to mod, like doors, floor, counters, displays etc.
Thank you. If you liked my ideas, leave a heart and comment (Not required).If you disagree with me write down your thoughts.

This was a request in the last feature vote! Let’s hope it makes it through this time.

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Oh sorry, I’m new to this forum. But was that the extreme queues idea? It’s mentioned there about customs and immigration.

It’s ok the more people who see it the better. The feature vote was ages ago so might not come up in your search terms! Lots of different use of the words immigration and customs etc

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Yeah I hope developers fill find out about so much requests soon

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