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So let’s say i have 20 baggage bays at my airport in total.
And my next task is to build the conveyor system together with all the scanners.

Question: In it possible to build one set of all scanners right after check-in. Meaning all bags will be scanned before going to their baggage bay.

OR: Do i need one set of scanners at every baggage bay? Meaning that after the bag is checked in, the scanning happens when it arrives the baggage bay.

Let me know if you need pics as illustration.

One scanning system is sufficient, but you are free to build more… :wink:

But wth you need 20 bays? :open_mouth:

Here you find, how many bays per stand are needed…

I recommend to look at some tutorials or airport designs, before building up huge baggage systems.

As I did myself, many people massivly overdo with their first setup, as ingame-tutorial is not yet perfect…

This thread is imho very good, there can be found videos, too:

I just want to ask if there is a right order for baggage scanning? Because I have this system (picture below) and my level 2 scanners have a rating of 0% which is bring my rating down a lot since everything else is in the 90%s. Can anyone help me?

Sorry for the bit at the top my cropping was very bad.

Your tier 2 scanners should only receive bags that are REJECTED by Tier 1 (currently they are receiving accepted bags but not rejected ones).
Similarly your 3 scanner should only receive bags that are REJECTED by tier 2 scanners).
Only bags rejected by tier 3 should be destroyed

This scanner setup is from my airport and works correctly with a 100% rating:


Thanks for the help :slight_smile: I thought everything rejected was going to the destroyer haha.

Btw, are you supposed to scan arriving baggage?

No, incoming baggage is already cleared at departure airport…


Or at least should be :wink:

Do I need all 3 tiers or could it be enough to only use tier 3?

All 3 if you want to get good ratings

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Thanks. :+1:

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