Problems with stalled passengers at self check-in

Hey, i’m still experiencing problems with self check-in.
Was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing.

What happens is that when passengers are queuing for the baggage drop one passengers gets stuck. So he never walks up and uses the machine. This results in that passenger holding the rest of the que. Delaying the end time of the check-in and causing late flights in the long run.

It happens very frequently that a passenger gets stuck at the baggage drop off. And every time if i need to fix the problem i can save and load. Then they will check-in.
I’ve had this problem for some time now and have bug reported it before and today.

I had the same problem with the self check-in and I even had problems when I have other check-in desks available and get alerts of unavailable check-in desks even if there’s plenty it looks like there is a bug when using them on small flights where only one desk needs I had 6 self desk and plenty normal desk for the flights and the desk are rarely used and get alerts of unavailable check-in desks I have since solved this by deleting the self check-in and it stopped the alerts I have sent in a bug report to 42328

I have the exact same problem. Passengers just hanging/walking around the baggage drop off area but no one using it. Saving and reloading solves it temporarily but the problem occurs very soon again.

Noticed as well that before saving the game a bag drop off has no flights assigned but after reloading it has immediately multiple flights assigned.

I’m not sure I’m following, I’m running your save for an extended period on 1.0-3 without any issues including the self check-in disks… :thinking:

Isn’t it odd that they are only using one of the self check-ins? There are 5 of them free and available and as far as I understand, the baggage is scanned and distrubuted by the whole system regardless where the input was or what ticket the baggage is related to. I would wonder about the queue.

The drop offs serve only flights of the same baggage bay. Not sure how it is in that setup.

True, but I cannot get, why there are 5 check-ins at the same conveyor band and why it should matter to which baggage bay they are connected. Either the luggage can reach it from here or not - the computer software controlling the conveyor belt system will direct the luggage to its destination - in reality

Same with the check in desks. Why does a desk only accept one flight at time?
It’s because the game runs with that concept. :slight_smile:

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when I run the airport yesterday it was over 6 hours when I had the issue out to 30 check-in only some are used and the self check-in are used and have alerts enough check-in desk when I have enough check-in for the flight to baggage bay 10 check-in desk for each baggage bay and self check-in

i just loaded the save still having the issue only half of the desk-in are used
i run it for 30 min’s and the alerts come bout no check-in desk it happens when the pax almost check in and done a test deleteing the self check-in and the desk are used and no alerts

Did you run my save? @Olof When you start all will work fine. But after a few hours in-game time you should see some stuck passengers at the self check-in. I can send in a new bug report/save today if you wish.

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I’ve ran the saves of reports that have been posted here for a few in-game days without issue, which is strange. “Works on my machine™”…

A common issue with these check-ins are that they are simply not enough placed, that are connected to the same baggage bay as the stand is connected to. That is almost always the base issue, although I’m not saying that it necessarily has to be that here. Baggaged drops cannot also, as you know, handle an infinite amount of flights but in fact have a limited number of five, so that is too something to consider.

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In my airport. 1 Baggage bay served 2 medium gates. To that baggage bay i have connected 6 medium check-in desks and one baggage drop. Can i somehow show when it happens :thinking:
Because if I bug report it that will generate a save and load and that solved the issue temporarily. then apparently the issue doesn’t happen again on your side :stuck_out_tongue: That is odd. I get stuck passengers now and then hehe.

I have one frozen passenger right now. Only one, but still. I paused the game. Can i do something to show it or help you?

This one passenger just stands there. No delay so far, probably because i saw it early. @Olof

Fast forward, and we see the first complaint of a delay. Same passenger still standing in front of the baggage drop.

@Olof :slight_smile: Problem is, that if I save and load or send a bug report. That will fix the problem until it happens again.

I have paused the game and will keep it on while i do other stuff and also keeping an eye out here. So if there is anything i can do. Let me know! :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems as if we’re talking about different things, are you referencing stalled passengers or check-in desk warning notifications in the flight planner?

I think it link to the problem as I notice the notifications happen when the pax stalled on self check-in

Yeah. I’ve just had a case where I got the warning of not enough check in desks available. But 5 were unused. I don’t use baggage system at all in that map. So no issue with assignment to bays.
Affected was the one flight which was with an ongoing check in and had a larger queue.

Somehow the system deploys a second group of service agents to serve the same flight. Those can’t take their job tasks because it’s already ongoing by two others.

Now another one…

Tons of unused check in desks, but the system choses the one which still works on the previous flight

Stalled passengers. That freeze when about to use the baggage drop, thus holding up the Que, and in the long run causing delays. Like seen in the picture.

But yes, What i assume is a bug, and my problem, Is that a passenger stalls when using the baggage drop off.

Still happening over here haha. no long after loading , less than an our of game play. Then another passenger stalled at using the baggage drop. Has happen at many occasions during this afternoon, i think i have saved and load about 3-4 times.

Noticed that since I’ve started to expand my airport since yesterday. Now it’s almost every flight that results in stalling passengers at the self baggage drop. Don’t know if that has anything to do with it. But something changed.