Plopable Asphalt/ Concrete & remove/ plop trees

Hi Guys & Devs,

one short question (can’t find a similar post for this).
There are plans or is it implemented to plop Asphalt/ Concrete where you want? E.g. fill between Taxiways like here:

And second question. Can we remove or place trees on the Map?

I had the exact suggestion before and I remember devs answered it positively. But I just can’t find the topic about it.

I paste the link if I find it.

EDIT: Here you go :wink: Add Apron TaxiwayTextures for realism - #12 by Fredrik

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Aaaah … GREAT! :grinning:

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BTW You can cut down trees.

Pretty sure the new taxiway system allows you to fill that in, you could or chose not to made a node there to allow/disallow planes to then drive on it.

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