Performance - FPS - issues

I couldn’t find a thread which answers my question, so here goes.
I’ve been having a blast with this game, but have notices that there’s som serious optimisation-issues. It’s kind of like ARK was in it’s early alpha state.
At first I blamed this on my shoddy laptop that barely exceeds the minimum requirements, but when i tried it on my house server, with plenty of hardware to spare, i meet the exact same issues. I’ve even ran a test with my laptop and my gaming-stationary simultaneously. Doing the excact same thing, at the same time on both, running on different instances of the game.

What i notice is this :

the game runs completely fine regardlessly of how many tasks, enitites you have or your zoom level. Also regardlessly of your graphics setting. This runs good until the game has saved up a number of completed tasks. I’ve calculated this to be about 2000 tasks before it really puts a strain on it self.
A save/reload don’t fix the issue, but a save and complete shutdown of your computer will. When reloading even the largest airports it runs like a charm until a number of tasks is completed, again it’s in the works of around 2000.

So my question is, is this something @Olof and @Fredrik is aware of ? It really sounds like a serialization/Memory-leak issue.

This is no critic, but hopefully a helpful observation that leads to an easier job.

Will in the end of this post fill in that i’m over the top impressed. while the postponements and delays have tuned my expectations through the roof, you not only met them, but exceeded them. Nice Job

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Hmm. Just to be completely clear here, by tasks you mean completed job tasks by employees? I think it’s an interesting observation and may very well be something we’re not aware of, at least until now. Do you mean job tasks, i.e. jobs carried out by staff?

Yes. Tasks/Jobs carried out by employees and other entities. Like “refill airplane” if that’s a job (haven’t seen the code).
Also it seems like passengers checking in, passing through security, boarding, eating, shopping and so on counts as tasks.

you know better than me if this is “logged” as a task for employees or both employee and passenger.

It might be trivial, and as simple as a optimization-issue, i really am no coding-genius.

but reading around this forum i see that you have the code implemented but “locked” for various services. Maybe entites tries to tap into that code, thus creating a backlog in tasks that are hidden from the game at present state ?

Again - just hoping to aid you in your endeavour.

I also have a feeling this is sth causing lag. The time between thinking of what to do next (i.e. “there is nothing to do”) and then doing sth (i.e. claiming a job-task, which could be anything from going to a check-in desk as a passenger or cleaning a particular dirty spot as a janitor) causes lag.

This also gives me a red warning that an employee (I believe only my janitors have this problem) can’t get to a job task which after a second goes away. So the employee has, even for a second, pathfinding difficulties.

Oh, nice catch. Maybe this is due to all entities querying all tasks, and then individually sorting out those task the entity is suited for ?

Well, person activities in general (stuff passengers and employees do) is not logged and the system clears out completed or unwanted job tasks but based on your observations there could very well be a memory leak. To me it does sound like there’s a list of large class objects that is not being properly cleaned out and over time, crunching this list becomes heavier and heavier. Since there’s such a large amount of variables in ACEO though (just check the save data files…) we’re pretty picky of only serializing and saving what’s actually interesting.

But you say that the issue does not resolve itself after reload but that it does after a computer reboot? It could also be a Unity based memory leak and that it does not release RAM correctly or packs up more for the CPU to crunch over time. Could you possible recreate the issue and check your computers processing stats? I.e. CPU utilization and available RAM and screen it? Is it easy to recreate?

This is very easy to recreate, I will check tonight.

Last night i had this lag issue, but no real strain on my hardware. I’m running W10 64-bit with an AMD FX 8gen and 12 GB RAM. It’s not cutting edge, but it works for most games. Also have a sapphire graphics card.

I will create a couple of examples of this tonight, an try to make a graph of hardware utilization and screen it

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Question, in terms of real world minutes, after how long time does this issue appear? I.e, you run the game fine until how many minutes into it? Also, roughly how many flights do you process?

About 20 minutes on speed 1. I.e 1-2 flights per gate. After 20 minutes alot of the lag is resolved by zooming in. Then it works about 10-20 minutes before i need to zoom in more. It seems that theres some sort of relief when night comes around, delaying the decreasing performance. But every morning is a tad worse than the morning before if you get what i mean ?

Oh, another important note.

The game never really becomes unplayable for me. It just don’t respond very well to speeding up or zooming out anymore.

Because there are no job tasks to complete at night. No passengers trying to get to a check-in desk. No dirty floors to be cleaned.

And when you zoom in it’s back to being smooth? And you’re not building and expanding when this takes place and not experiencing any drastic influx of passengers during the flights? Are you using auto save?

Yeah, but it’s still slower on morning 2 than morning 1

Not using auto save, it’s smooth when zoomed in to about one medium stand taking up the entire screen. Have a steady stream of passengers. If i’m constructing it’s understandably worse than if i’m not.

If you monitor your RAM usage on Airport CEO.exe, can you see a build up or is it more or less constant?

Could you submit your save as a bug report and label it something like “FPS critical” so we can run tests on it? There’s a few things we definitely will have to check and I’d like to be able to compare before and after.

This is great btw, thanks for elevating this.

I will do a check tonight and submit both a bug report and a screenshot of my ram usage

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You can’t really compare morning 2 to morning 1, mainly since you’re still building stuffs on morning 1. What about morning 2 and morning 3?

If there’s in no change in any operational aspect or construction aspect at all and the flight scheduling is pretty much identical to morning one, morning two should have the exact same FPS range. I am suspecting a temp list or alternatively major dictionary not being cleaned out properly. However you did mention that just restarting the game does not fix the issue but that you need to reboot, is this correct?

Could it be that the few people left overnight (i.e. the employees which you haven’t hired in morning 1 since the Airport is not finished yet), are constantly trying to find a job?