Performance - FPS - issues

Yes. Reloading the save don’t work. I need to shut down the program. I’ve rebooted the pc the times i’ve done this, thus not tried just rebooting the game.

This is a game that was loaded and then paused for a while and now still uses 54% CPU.

The Memory will grow to 2GB easy the moment you let it run.

Funny it shows 0.0 FPS in pause.


Well, I mean that Aceo using 2 GB is not that much. GTA IV that i’m also running uses 7 GB and it works fine.

What kind of CPU do you have ? Maybe it’s a calculation issue rather than memory-usage.

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@Olof & @Fredrik

I tried to make a log for you guys last night. I logged my hardware usage for about two hours. ACEO used between 2,3 and 3 GB RAM regardless of building and other stuff. Even when paused. My poor 2,4 Ghz CPU is utilized 60-70% by ACEO flat, regardless of what goes on ingame.
Funny thing is that the only spike i experience above this is when i’m in the start-screen of the game.
When i was going to make a save.output for you guys the baby woke up and the rest is history.

This was done on my laptop with quality setting “good”.

Is the game set up as such that it like i.e microsoft excel reserves a set amount of resources from your computer, and never uses more or less than that ? (Talking about advanced settings in excel). Or is the game set up to steal the resources it need, but is crazy balanced ?

When waiting out low FPS daytime I like to limit affinity to a limited amount of cores for Airport CEO, so the rest of your PC keeps going.

I’v very low FPS too (about 7-8 min. zoom, or 12-14 - max. zoom)
Airport CEO info:
355-370 employees, passengers flow - 1150 - 1200
about 2-3 departure or arrival per hour in day time.
at night FPS increase up to 18-22

System configuration: Win 8.1, (64), work on SSD,
intel Core I7 2600K 3,40GHz
GPU - Nvidea Gforce GTX 780 Ti
When game process is active, resource used - RAM - 35-40%, CPU - 55-60 %

Core i5, 27% CPU usage and 3GB RAM. It is normal usage, but ingame FPS depends on game time and, probably, on passengers count in airport. At night i have over 40-60 FPS on any speed, after 7:00-8:00 my FPS decreases to fps 20 on speed 1, to fps 12 on speed 2 and to step-by-step strategy on speed 3 :slight_smile:
Maybe the reason is the pathfinding for a lot of passengers, or maybe the reason is the lots of notifications under services (fueling fees under trucks, passenger fees under shops and foods and e.t.c)

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