Per-Stand auto scheduler

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Per-Stand auto scheduler


Make it possible to enable or disable the flight auto-scheduler on a per-stand basis instead of just globally.

Why it should be implemented:

As long as there are any flights scheduled to a stand, certain things like baggage-bay and check-in desk connections are locked. At the moment, to change those connections, you either have to disable the auto-scheduler globally and schedule flights for the remaining stands manually, or you have to cancel all flights on that stand (potentially reducing airline satisfaction?).
This feature would allow you to put a stand in something like a service mode, saying “this stand is still active, run the remaining flights, but don´t put anything new on there.” Like that, you could let remaining flights fade out and take the stand out of operation softly over a couple of days.

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Maybe something to be implemented together with other topics like “custom per-stand turnaround times” in a bigger scheduler overhaul.


This is a great idea and would fix an everyday problem I have in my airport.

oh ya i get this every time i need to activate bagadge service i have to cancel flights or try to get it conected withing the 15 minutes i have till the next plane arives

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LOVE LOVE LOVE where you are going with this!

Would also maby have also improved some such as specifying certain airlines only use it

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