Can't remove second boarding desk attached to stand

I accidentally connected a second boarding desk to a stand I already had boarding desks for and now I can’t remove it. I believe this is a bug.

Secondly, why does the game prevent you from shutting down stands with flights attached to them anyway? You can shut down the runway the planes can use to get to the stands, why can’t you shut down the stands as well?

In fact the entire idea of scheduling planes to a specific stand in the scheduluer is completely wrong compared to real life where planes are allocated to stands owned by the company as the planes come in. What stand the plane is going to be at isn’t known until the day of.

Devs is there any plan to fix this?


You have to close the stand previously.
This can be done good, directly after the pushback of a plane.

The problem with closing a stand is that flights get cancelled and this can affect airline (and passengers?) satisfaction. We should be able to either move a boarding desk (or anything else related with stands, like airside bus and service car stops) or delete a desk if there is another attached to the same stand. Its a real nightmare when you want to redesign your terminal moving boarding desks and you have to close the stands, hence, cancel flights, hence, airlines unsatisfied.


This is something I’ve had issue with as well when moving from ground floor desks to first floor desks.

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I’m having the same problem very often.
It shpould be possible to disconnect a desk from a stand if the stand has more than one desks connected.
It also should be possible to re-assign a flight to a different stand until the plane has landed. The game currently consider this a re-schedule, which it isn’t.

You can’t close stands if there’s planes scheduled for them so that doesn’t work. I don’t want to cancel an entire week’s worth of flights just to move the booth…


When i need a stand closed, i turn off thebautoscheduler, move everything that’s in the way, and when thats done, i can close it and turn on autoscheduler again. It also helps to have a new stand to be opened when you do this so you have a place to put them.

If it would be possible to move things (like stands, desks etc), this problem would arise much less often.

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This feature request (“Per-Stand auto scheduler”) would be one useful workaround for this issue: Per-Stand auto scheduler

(I started looking since I ran into this issue too.)