Pax not using parking lots anymore

Bug number ACEO - 40022

So my airport has been going pretty okay, but suddenly my pax no longer park in my parking lots.
My daily intake of fees has gone from over 100k to 20/30k and dipping
It’s been about 3/4 in game days, it just happened suddenly

The only thing I did prior that could affect it is I build a new world entry on the other side of the map as the public road access to my Food services building.
But no cars are attempting to use it, so I don’t think that is it.

Any suggestions?

No idea, will probably need to check it out in a bug report.

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Hey Olof!

I made a new airport and the same thing happened, when I opened a new world entrance about a day or two later my carparks are empty and pax don’t use them (bar a tiny few)



By empty do you mean that they’re empty of vehicles or that passengers are not using the cars?

The car parks used to be full, now they are either all empty or maybe up to 10 cars across them all total. My public transit options are overrun though

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