Lack of transit but parking lots empty [solved]

I posted about this before ( Pax not using parking lots anymore) but it looks like the issue is still there.

I had one terminal, one world entrance, and my parking lots were generally full, doing quite well, so were my public transit options.

I set up a second terminal, a second world entrance leading to it, and now, my car parks for each terminal are empty, and I have an alert that Staff and passengers are having trouble leaving the airport due to a lack of available transit structures.

Bug report today MERCURY-47540

Previous bug reports with the same issue on two different game saves
ACEO - 40022 And ACEO-40433

Is it the second world entrance that is screwing things up? How can you best utilize these if so?

Are your terminals connected by road? I don‘t think that the passangers are capable of distinguishing which world entrence leads to which terminal. Either connect both Terminals via road or use only one world entrence. I always use two entrences one set to entrence only the other exit only and all terminals are conected to them.

Here is an example

So the terminals were not connected by road, but they are now.
The car parks have indeed started to be used, but not filling up.
The alert for staff and passengers having issues leaving the terminal due to lack of transit options is still showing.

Make sure the terminals are also connected so that passengers can walk between them, but make sure access is unsecured, if you connect the secure zones, havoc ensues.

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So I do have the terminals connected via an underground section of terminal split in two sections, secure and non-secure. This seems to be working well with both types of passengers moving between terminals for whatever reason, maybe connections etc.

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