Parking System and rent-a-car!

Some of my ideas I made. (Its a few of them so tell me which ones you like/dislike)


Roads are one way. For it to work there need to be only 1 entry and 1 exit. Something like this. If you add more the zoning system might not work.
So at the entry/exit you add these:Parking
You connect the exit with entrance. You can set the payment per hour and the zone color.
Passenger arrive at the airport they can use the drop off or park at the parking. They will arrive back in 1-5 days. They will pay a hourly fee.
First class and business class passengers will go to drop off and staff will take their car and park it at a zone you selected for fc/bc passengers. They will pay the fee as well.
Rent a car companies will require an office outside of the secure zone. When you make an office and zone it you can select the company.
When you select the company you will then need to place car parking. It can be in the zoned parking or no. Then you select which company can use it like this:
So what you think?


Really like the concept. Although it might need a rework of the arriving and departing pax system. I could be wrong ofc

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The rent car thing is okay, but the parking I think it will be better if you just provide a building with X capacity (say 100), because the way you do it now, it just took a lot of spaces, a not-so-clean look, and too micromanage-ish if you want to build hundreds of it, but good ideas overall :wink:

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I like it
I will expand on it when I make my post on garages

in somewhere there is was tiny preview of parking lot as showing off by dev

Ya I remember

Yeah great idea. This adds versatility to arriving pax.

love the idea

parking spaces have already been teased over on the announcement page

it’s a handicapped space, but still

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