No more money increase

hey there,
i love playing this game and hope for many more things still to come.

i got a bug that doen’t seem to be fit by simply saving and reloading the game … i built an airport just to generate money to built a bigger one without getting negative cash … therefor i waited till i got 2.5 mio dollars … as i reached that point my money has no more hourly increase … but the money per hour constantly increases (250k at that point) …

is this bug still reported and is there a way to get money flowing again?

thanks for your resposes!!

Did you enable sandbox mode?

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This sounds like the same bug described here ((Total Funds Bar frozen and not updating - #14 by stash)) and I’ve heard a couple other people discuss it on Discord. I ran into this again in 0.21.12. If you check your budget screen I think you’ll see that the “Airline Income” and “Building Costs” are just piling up forever and never adding/subtracting from your hourly total $$.

I did submit this as a bug about a week ago but haven’t heard back on it.

Ok, I reverted back to the old way, maybe something was triggering sandbox mode in game.

I did check my saves and made sure sandbox is set to “false” and was not accidentally triggered. Unless there is another thing in the game that the save is looking at. I’d be happy to look thru my save data if there is something specific I can look for other than sandbox=false.

If you have filed a bug report with a save I will look through it, for now I just changed back to the old way (meaning sandbox will affect funds but nothing happens in the minus).

@empyrOne - I should note that I had this happen a couple times and it eventually fixed itself although I haven’t done extensive testing to isolate why. You might try some combination of:

  • Hiring and/or firing staff including execs
  • Hiring and/or firing contractors
  • New construction
  • New contracts

etc. I’m not sure what exactly causes it to un-stick itself but try messing around with a bunch of the above stuff that touches your budget in various ways and see if you can get it working again.

thanks for your responses!

i am sure i didn’t enable sandbox mode when i started the game bcause i wanted to manage my airport … not just built :wink:

i already tried some things like gettin loans … built some fairways etc. nothing happend :frowning: