Total Funds Bar frozen and not updating

Since update Alpha 0.21.08 was released, my Total funds bar has been frozen. The hourly income still changes but the big bank number seems to be frozen.

Hi @JoninKDEN
Can you check it in last version 0.21.10?
If problem still exist can you share screenshot and save and create direct bug report?
For example I have 4000000+ with 40000 income and do not see any problems.

Do not forget that main number update happens in xx:00 minutes.

Yes and Yes

Are you in Sandbox mode? It will stay at $2,000,000 forever. That’s intentional and the point of sandboxing. You can do anything at no cost.

This happened to me (on 0.21.10), but it happened in the middle of a game, not after an update. About 20 hours into my save, the balance / available funds froze at some point, and now only gets updated once an hour, dropping a bit - presumably from hourly expenses like vehicles/staff/etc. No income or expenditures are updating anymore. So while my hourly profit is showing ~200K/hr, my available funds are actually slowly dropping. But on the flip side, I seem to have unlimited money. It is difficult to show with a static image but I took a series of screenshots over a couple hours of game time, hopefully this illustrates what’s going on. Available funds should be going up/down whenever I earn or spend money, but it’s frozen - minus the hourly expenses of a couple hundred $.

Seems like a bug. Saving/reloading did not help. I did file a bug report through the website earlier today, including my savegame and log.

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yup same here… except my cash isnt even flowing up or down. I deleted and rebuilt a runway and it didn’t go up or down

I think mine was frozen for awhile but I’m not 100% sure. At some point I saved / restarted / reloaded to see if it fixed it, so the behavior could have changed at that point. Interesting it happened about the same game time for us, but maybe just a coincidence. Would recommend filing a bug report with your save file & log, especially if you haven’t quit the game and restarted yet.

I’ve had the same bug since 0.21.08 (like 3 days)

Well, hopefully with enough savegames to examine, the devs can figure out what broke. I’m hopeful the bogus data (or whatever) in the save can be identified and fixed, cause I really don’t want to give up on my airport. :frowning:

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Same here

If you start you game in sandbox mode, funds will not get affected by your income/expenses. If you want to change back to normal mode you can go into the GameData.json in your save folder and find the value that says sandbox and set it back to false. Reload save and your funds should work. There is currently no way to revert back in game.

Hi Frederik, my game was not started in sandbox mode. It’s a normal game started on “Easy” difficulty level. I played for about 20 hours and I never changed any settings. I uploaded the save using the bug report page. Let me know if you find anything or are unable to reproduce the problem with my save file. Thank you!

edit: I checked the save data and “sandbox” is set to false.

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Just thought I’d mention that this is still happening. I gave up on my original save and started a new game in 0.21.12. My funds are now broken again after about 6 game years and a very active airport. What seems to be happening is that the tally for $$$ In/Out for the current hour got stuck on that hour at some point, so the budget page shows a running total of all airline income & building expenditure since it broke. Here’s a screenshot of the budget - all of those construction expenses happened last year and obviously >1M/hour would be pretty impressive for just airline income :slight_smile:

I have a copy of this save but am going to wait until the devs have a chance to take a look before I send them more bug reports since I think they are pretty swamped and won’t get around to looking at this for awhile. Would be happy to provide the save to anyone else who’s interested to poke around.

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