No Airline fees and reputation after update 28.6-4


got a problem with the 28.6-4 patch. airlines dont pay the fee, like the 2700, anymore, when the aircraft is done with boarding and ready for take off. startet a new game, but the issue is still there. Same with the reputation.


Report it as a bug, comment in the Experimental thread with the bug number, and the devs will look into it. :slight_smile:

does it pay for the landing, take off, fuel, …? I Always thought we’re being paid double cause when i add all those fees together, it’s be the amount it tells on the flight planner. Of course i could be wrong.

It pays 400 doller for landing. 15 doller per pax und some money for fuel. But before update 28.6-4 they pay 3300 etc for take off. The number on the fly screen in green. Its the same with the reputation, the 25% in orange, that dont grow.

Same problem here.
Got no fees for planes at the small stands. Planes on medium stands pay their fee when completly serviced…

Same her.
Small stands won’t get paid, after the airplane left the airport.

Same problem, no airline fee is payed after the service is completed

nice to know I’m not alone. Much to my horror the other night I noticed this exact issue. Day 4 year 2 my daily income went from 158k to 60k. This clearly needs a fix as progression nigh on impossible with such meagre income. Love the game though. Much more engaging than airport sim.

Ok, I thought it was me. I’m having the same issue. Although, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t making any money. I have issued a bug report.

Oh, is this the reason, I did not have this until I build remote stands.

And i was wondering why the money run out…


Same issue here, I was starting a new airport and couldn’t make any money… Well, at least I know its not my terrible management skills.


Has it been fixed yet, cant start if there is no money to be made?

Has it been fixed yet, cant start if there is no money to be made?

It will be fixed on the next Experimental Branch release.