Next Update? Just wondering?

I guess next week is almost here? I hope or try not to beg just wonder how soon is next update going to be out? :sweat_smile: I understand there on the Holiday still they deserve it! Keep up the Good Work! :grinning: :sunglasses:

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Let them enjoy it. They deserved it. :slight_smile:


Seconded! I too am anxious for a new update but they really have been at this non-stop for ages now. It’ll be better for everyone if they can have a proper break :slight_smile:


It should be pretty soon considering they mentioned it would be deployed on experimental by the end of last week.

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I cant wait too !!! … uff it’s long to wait :wink:

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No news yet?

Obviously! I hope the update is coming today, or does anyone know any newer information?

We’re currently running an internal test version of remote stands with a focus group, everything is ”done” it’s just that it needs a lot more testing, polish and bug fixing and such.

We are however still as I mentioned in a summer vacation mode which means a lot slower delevopment pace than normal.


Thanks for the update!

So does this mean that you will only directly deploy to the default branch since you are doing the polish, testing and bug fixing already?

There is also “experimental branch” where everybody can play with new features but gameplay is not stable and bug may still occur.


Most updates go to a focus group to determine if there are any major bugs on a number of machines and then released to experimental mode to test on larger group of machines before going on to the stable release


Ohh okay thanks. I wasnt aware of the process before it hits experimental!

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You are always free and welcome to join the EXP branch as well to provide feedback and get new toys before the main branch. There may be bugs though. I like living on the edge so…

:smile: :smile:

And just saying, the bugs in Internal can be hilarious. You dont want them in Experimental, let alone on Stable. @Rubble is a master in discovering them btw.

Let me give you a challenge in the current build;

A vehicle, voluntary crossing a wall, on a road, in a secure room, that is also a staff room, inside a terminal :smiley:

Ever did any kind of Pen-Testing on webshops or other apps? It feels like I just ordered -1000 beers in an app.

Current use, since stands cannot be connected to depots, and vehicles will be ordered by the engine on the other side of map, it did feel needed to avoid delays this way.

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is it just me ? Can’t wait anymore !!! :sweat_smile::smile::smile::joy::rofl:

No it isn’t just you.
In my opinion, they take way too long for a gameplay update.
I think they lost a lot of players in that time. And we need this game to have a big enough player base, otherwise we stop receiving updates. And i really don’t want that to happen.
Because i really like this game.

It takes long indeed but I am sure that they will start up the flow asap after there holiday