National Airlines, Connecting flights?

Will there be national airlines, like airlines exclusive to a specific country, and connecting flights? The connecting flights question may have been asked before, but I do not remember that I have seen a national airlines question before, but how is the status of these two?


I doubt it, as there are many National airlines that have copyright logos, so we’ll probably not see much of them in the game.

Unless with a mod. %99.9 of mods around internet contains copyright issues but companies can do nothing about them.

There is actually an idea at the moment and I personally want it to become a real thing Community Realism Mod

It would be great to have national airlines in game. Obviously we couldn’t use real airlines (unless modded) but it would be awesome to see national carriers serve one specific country from your airport. For example, Sphinx Air could be the national carrier for Egypt and you might see them flying to Cairo and Sharm-el-Sheikh, but they wouldn’t expand to flying completely out with Egypt and you wouldn’t see them basing themselves at your airport (unless, of course, you are in Egypt). We already have Maple, which is the really stylish airline that could well evolve into the Canadian carrier. This would add a great deal of variety once there are lots of airlines in the game.

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Secondary to these comments, even though ‘real’ national airlines may not exist, fictional national airlines could. For example, when an airline reaches out to your airport to use its services, it could be tagged with ‘national airline’ for example, meaning that this is the/one of the, national airlines of the country which your airport is situated in.

Having a national airline servicing your airport could bring with it good and bad things, for example;

  • they may contribute funds towards new terminals / cafes etc which heighten the experience for their Customers
  • there may be custom branding on the airport to reflect the fact the national carrier services there
  • they may fly proportionally more flights than other airlines, due to their potentially dominant nature in your market

Some negative examples might be;

  • that due to their potential monopoly over that country, there are fewer competitors
  • they may feel like they can influence your decision when it comes to airport services / additional airlines servicing your airport

There are bound to be others, but this is a start.

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