My modpack

Currently I made 2 liveries only…
But there’s still more to come!

link to mod: Steam Community :: Error

And a trello board :

Hope you enjoyed :smiley:


Excellent Trello board :slight_smile:

Thank you :blush: my friend made it he makes mods too :smiley:

I have Idea for you do “Air Baltic”!

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Maximum what I can do is Q400. :smiley: :airplane:

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Good job. Do you know that ACEOMM is searching a new manager? Airport CEO Mod Manager Discussion - #476 by Guusje2


Air Baltic up on trello list 737-500/300 and Q400 Q400 in making and for Boeing B737-500 ill use 737-600 when 737-500 comes out ill change it.

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If you have any airline wishes for a-ceo ,write here or in the steam workshop discussion ,and we will trie to do it. And at trello you see what is in work , or on the list to do :slight_smile:

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New version dropped

AirBaltic 737-600/Q400

  • Enjoy!
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@Fredrik A321 mod kit please? :slightly_smiling_face: