Multiple build site drop-offs

Feature request title:

Multiple build site drop-offs


Drop off plateaus for building stuff are now centered on 1 object on the map, please allow Airport CEO’s to build several plateaus all over the map. Secondary; they should be allowed to build on service roads as secondary location.

Why it should be implemented:

In the current game situation, builders have to walk huge distances on the map. When the map would allow to build more plateaus at a game map. Object construction blocks could be brought the most nearby plateau by truck and then builders would have to walk smaller distances.

Images, references or additional content:

Here you see a situation where 2 extra build plateaus are build in the top right and left corners; but they are not populated by building material at all, since only a primary object will be filled in the current games.

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How about having warehouses instead of multiple dropoff points?
Transportation of materials from dropoff to warehouse could be handled by self bought transport vehicles

Sure, warehouses could work to, its just that the game needs a more robust logistical network opportunity for Airport CEO’s who are busy building stuff ;).

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Seems missed a feature somewhere.

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