Moving Sidewalks

  This has been mentioned before, but no one talked about it. So, I know at DFW, they are in the parking garage, the skywalks and others, and at many other airports. Does anyone know anything about moving sidewalks?

Firstly, remove the ‘>’ sign from your post to remove the quote block.

Secondly, yes I have heard about it. It’s quite normal at International airports (huge ones) now a days.
It would be interesting have it, but take into consideration that it would be practically impossible for, both the software and hardware, to support a huge airport. So it’ll be of no real use, unless we just want one for showcase in our medium-scale Airport.

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Would be nice to see. I can see the bigger airports needing something like this to keep the passengers happy (a long walk to a far away gate is a common complaint at bigger airports - a moving walkway improves this somewhat).

Thanks! Yeah​, I thought that that would be kinda hard on the computer.

But still i would like it to be included… i just hope Devs implement an excellent modding system… through which we can add more objects… Based on existing objects.

I think it is already in building menu [you can see it in gameplay video]

He is talking about this: It’s not there… I guess

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They actually tweeted about this some time ago! :smiley:


@Olof @Fredrik We definitely need an automatic Twitter thread.:sweat_smile:

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Question for devs, are moving sidewalks still a thing? Wanted to know because of the reworks

Yea the community discussed it on Discord in one of the last weeks and even we didn’t get an answer.

It is on hold. We created the texture and did some early functionality test but that was based around physics, something that we have removed from the game almost completely. There are some challenges in making it work with the path finder and current movement system. We hope to re-implement it later as we have prioritized other aspects.


Even you? Does the Discord get more updates than the forums?

We know the release date.

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I doubt that so very much…

I wouldn’t know - I seem to have been thrown off the discord :cry: And I didn’t do anything wrong!

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There is a new server.

@Thorozar, do you have the invation link? The link postet in specific thread was expired now


Thank you :slight_smile: