Paste/Copy tool - Moving Walkway - Baggage separation - Reputation

4 Suggestions (if not already planned yet):

-) A copy and paste tool combined with lasso function to select an built area/rooms (e.g. toilets) and copy it to make construction more easy

-) Moving walkways (us.) or Taravelators (brit.) for PAX in order to reach gates more easily and on time

-) Offloaded (incoming) baggage should be dropped onto a seperate belt connected with the claim area (like it is in real)

-) Airport reputation (already kind of implemented by smileys): this should be influenced (apart from other factors) mainly
by :

    • Security rating
    • Punctuality of flights
    • Turaround-time: time between incoming and outgoing: time needed for on/offload, refuel, boarding, etc. This could be
      named “(Airport)Efficiency” to make it easy
    • Services/ Service level like e.g. post office, medical station, train- and sub station, food, lounges, etc.

-) Offloaded (incoming) baggage should be dropped onto a seperate belt connected with the claim area (like it is in real)

Incoming baggage already has to have its own belt routed to a claim area, or do you mean completely separate Baggage Bay?

Moving sidewalks / walkways is a planned feature which they have shown before. Moving Sidewalks - #9 by JeremyK

Yes they’re already suggested and planned, please use the search button, thanks.

Yes, a seperated baggage bay.
In real life this isn´t a bay, it´s the belt built “around” (or through) the wall that seperates airside from baggage claim. On airside there are monitors for the staff to give them information which flight is offloaded onto which belt.

Did that, didn´t find it or maybe missed it.

The search engine of this forum is kinda crappy and doesn’t always show what you want, try using different tags for the best result.

@Patje89: I found that when you start a new thread, it pops up similar post on the right side. This was extremely useful and better than the search function. I have canceled a lot of post because of this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hint, will do that!

Yeah, saw that, too. Like it!

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