Mod Liveries not loading [solved]

Hi there!
I’ve been playing for a while now and would say that I have a good knowledge of the game, however there is a problem in my game that I just can’t seem to solve.

There are 3 or 4 airlines that (I have subscribed to on Steam and activated) although I have accepted the contract and the airline’s logo shows up on the stand schedule as per norma, when the aircraft arrives, it seems to wear a random livery (different every time). I’ve tried unsubscribing and sunscribing again numerous times but it still occurs. Is there a solution for this?? As it really annoys me seeing a supposed to be AirBaltic flight, being operated by an AirFrance or Swiss aircraft.

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Can you share us witch mod didn’t load well?
i mean steam link would be appreciate… maybe it is an outdated big mod pack…

Hi, thanks for the response. Below are the links for which the liveries did not load;

The AirBaltic mod (second link) was working for about a week and suddenly stoped functioning a it should.


This mod also.

Are the mods activated in the main menu?

how many mods do you use in total?
And how much VRAM does your graphics card have?

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Hi, thanks for the response.

All mods are activated in the main menu, and I have accepted the contracts.
VRAM = 8192 MB
I am subscribed to just over 50 mods.

Thanks for any help!

I know this problem very much. I’ve subscribed to too many mods.

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