Some Airline Mods didn't working (anymore)

Hey Together,

I’ve got the problem that some airline mods didn’t working anymore since a few months (American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, LATAM Airlines Group, Finnair, TAP Air Portugal and Japan Airlines Group), then there are airline mods who have never worked (Breeze Airways, Eurowings Discover, French Bee and Norse Atlantic Airways) and there are brand new airline mods who don’t working (Amazon Air and Sunclass Airlines).

What i’ve already tried:

  • creating a new save game
  • re-subcribed the mods and remove the mod-folders
  • reinstalled uModFramework
  • reinstalled ACEO and remove all game-folders

I have no ideas anymore what the problem could be. :exploding_head:


What exactly does not work? Do the contracts not appear or are the planes invisible?

The contracts didn’t appear.


May the error message is wrong. Do you have alternatives for all other services? Contractors, Fuel, Banks etc?

Yepp, same message with alternativ service mods.

Try to let something active… for example banks. May there is a bug because everything is deactivated.

I assume you have enough VRAM on your graphics card, right?

Also think about emergency airlines

one moment, i will try.
i think a “RTX 2070 SUPER” is enought. :wink:

@andyc we can talk in discord if it’s better.


same message. :confused:

Did you noticed my edit regarding emergency airlines?

Yes, i did.
Also with all “included” options activated some airline mods didn’t show up.

Turn on all default stuff. Keep some airline mods and turn off all the Dubinek stuff or modpacks please. May those cause the issue. They are very old.

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I unsubscribe all mods (about 50 to 60) and subscribe only to the following mods.

It looks like it’s working again.

80 of these are default ingame.

Thank you @andyc for the fast help. :+1: :clap: :handshake:

Ok, I really think it’s caused by one of the big packs.
May it helps when you use your native mod folder for those business you really want to use. I mean it doesn’t make sense to have 50 contractor mods as you can only use one. :smiley:

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I’ve “normally” only use “Real Food & Shop Franchises by Dubinek” mod, i subscribe to the other packs only for test purposes.

Now i try everything with all airline mods i would like to have and without the packs.
I will post the answer in the next minutes.

The “problem” is back. :confused:
Now i have to check about 70 subscribed airlines mods where the exact problem is.

I think i subscibe to too many airline mods (or one of the airlines mods are broken), i activate them from continent to continent depending which savegame i want to load.

Yeah, then this weird VRAM limitation seems to start.

But I think you can go around that behavior if you use native mods. So you can create personal modpacks in your native modding directory. Those can be based on country or airport where you put in all the contracts you need. This also makes the activation/deactivation much easier.
Just don’t upload that pack to Steam.

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That’s a good idea.
I’m reading atm already the modding guide, i hope i will understand everything.
“copy and past” should not be too difficult. :joy:

After nearly 4 hours creating Mod-Packs every damn mod is loading. :exploding_head:

Funny Part: Now the game needs only 20-25GB RAM instead auf 50-60GB RAM.

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The cool thing with native mods is, you can also remove planes you don’t need. (And save more memory)

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good it worked again…
It seems like a VRAM issue cause, some of those Airlines are huge with a lot of Multilivery planes (Southwest, American, United for example)

just, don’t upload your modpacks - we will notice that and reported it :wink:


I certainly never will.
What you create with these airline mods is sensational. :clap:

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