Minor Bug - Baggage Handling Service Disables Itself

Intermittently, the Baggage Handling System disables itself. I have to enable it again in Operations.

Have you reloaded an old save from before 31 update? in that case it was deactivated by default. I hope it is not something legacy from it.

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I observed that once too. Only once. I thought I might have done something wrong and disabled it myself, but now when I hear you, it might’ve been the system.
(It was in a new game, not an old save)

I’m on the experimental, Alpha 32 branch.

Me too.
But I was on alpha 31 when that happened, it was some weeks ago

I have noticed this about 8 times since the multifloor update. I notice it when bags simply stop flowing.


Running into the exact same issue.

It still happens now, quite a lot… no more minor

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