Medium security check v24-3-2

Hi guys,

Could any of you help me point out my mistake. I am on the latest version and somehow I couldnt get 3 stars contract. I have all the requirements but the game does not recognise my medium security check. I have attached my saved files. Could you please have a look? I have rebuilt the security again but it still gives me a problem and I don’t feel like redo it the whole airport again.


Don’t have time to check the save right now but are the security checks linked to a stand via secure zoning? Maybe sharing a few screens could help out.

Yes, it is all connected. The game recognises my small security check and all flights are go. But maybe I am missing something still.

Getting the same thing. Everything is zoned and they are connected. I currently only operate a medium security check and it functions but it is not recognised.

I am using a small gate however, maybe that is linked?

I have the same issue as well, so this is not a one-off for a single player.

Confirmed here as well :slight_smile: - Can send the save file if you wish…

one thing I notice on this airport, the secure road lacks zebra’s to get staff across.

Would that be a problem? I mean without zebra they still cross. How much is the zebra serve a function, aesthetic or not?

Really? I did not know that.

I been using the same save file since 1st october and everything been fine up till now, so it has to be the new system in place… - Here screenie Jasper :slight_smile:

Just ignore the stupid notice in the middle :stuck_out_tongue:

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I also noticed that most of the time my baggage trucks stuck at the baggage area or apron itself hence delaying flights But once I saved and loaded the game then it is all fine again. Mostly during rush hours they get stuck.


Since 1 jan; know your feeling :stuck_out_tongue:

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12 Baggage Bays? Wow. That is some SERIOUS baggage handling. LOL


same problem here… with 8 medium security checkpoints