Requirements for 3 star flight met but not registering!

It has detected that I have a baggage service which is fine. however, it is not detecting a Medium security checkpoint.

You are not alone. There is another thread about this

Were bug reports filed?

Yes but I dont know the bug report number anymore

What was the title?

Medium security check

9 minutes ago? ACEO-3215

Sounds about right with the timing.

I’m checking but somehow I couldn’t find it again even if I do a search.

You have no access. Long, boring and quite technical story, but its at the moment not possible to view bugs in the issue tracker

OK. I provided 3 attached files. Zip of the save, output log and screenshot

I only see 2. Im not seeing the screenshot.

Weird, I definitely uploaded a screenshot.

C1.7z and output_log.txt
You could always provide the screenshot in the topic On the forum you linked

That is the correct ZIP.

I had a screenshot on the thread there and I will leave on here as well. Thanks

Np. Cant help you with your actual problem though. :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway… It’s EA game so bound to have bugs. My airport is an old save and never gave problem so I am reluctant to restart again. I have been modifying that airport a couple of times and have a plan in mind as well.

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Can confirm this was a bug and is now fixed. Expected fix deployment, later today. :slight_smile:

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thanks :grinning:

Thanks!!! Again, great work. One of the best €15 I spent on a game.

Nowadays there are many games but not many are good and have an original ideas. Granted ACEO is like prison architect but it is much more intricate and I love aviation. I hope that there would be missions/scenarios or achievements with ACEO. I like campaign since there is I am not a very creative person when it comes to sandbox. Once I managed to built a well-oiled airport then I am done, like my cities: skylines.

I miss the games of the old days… simple but has that original ideas (I am born in the beginning of 80’s, those DOS games… awesome)