London Stevenage Airport - Its all in the Detail

If its one thing London needs is another airport, so welcome to London Stevenage Airport, located around 30 miles north of London and around 10 miles east of Luton Airport, we have developed a world class airport on previously unused farm land.

Lets start our Journey with an overview, well partial overview…

We have 36 stands, 20 connected and 16 remote stands.
7 baggage belts
10 security check points
2 runways, 1 arrival and 1 departure
2 de-icing pads
Cabin cleaning and catering facilities

Upon arrival we encourage you to arrive via public transport into our Subway station

Below is in -2, has ticket desks, stairs to the platforms and escalators to ground level

-1 level of the metro station

And ground level, again ticket desks and escalators to the ground levels

If being dropped off or you arrive via coach, there is the coach park, waiting area with shops and cafe along with a smoking area.

You can then head down the escalators in the waiting area to check in, with 72 desks toilet area and staff zones.

Need the loo, or change your child nappy, head to the toilets in check in, we have 2 family rooms and disable toilets.

Next head up the Escalators to security, we have tables to sort your liquids out and area after security to put your shoes back on and repack your bags.

Our security agents may need to search you in private, we have 4 rooms either side for this to be carried out.

Once cleared security head up the escalators to level 1, head through the shops and cafes to get to the departure lounge

More shops including our Make up store, with tables for the artists to make you over, strangely this shop is most popular with men!

One of our premium passengers… then head upto level 2

Here we have our VIP lounge, for first class passengers and those that would like to pay. We have free food and drink, news papers and magazines, with excellent views of the apron.

Also on level 2 we have our multi-faith room

And staff areas, crew room for pre flight briefings, and private crew briefing rooms

Then next is the operations centre, airlines monitor their arrivals and departures to ensure all runs smoothly, and can print out all the documents needs for the flights.

The other side of the VIP lounge, we have the Staff canteen and the Board offices and meeting rooms,

Back down in the departure lounge we have plenty of seats to wait for your flight at the gate area.

Have some issues with your flight or need your boarding pass re printed, see one of the airline desks in the departure lounge,

or your flight maybe departing from one of our remote stands, so you would wait in the below area.

Which will bring take you to the remote stands

Upon arrival back to London Stevenage Airport you will return to ground level where you will head to the immigration area, you may be interviewed for your reasons to enter, where you will be taken to the interview room.

Which will lead you into the baggage claim and customs

or perhaps you would like to freshen up in the arrivals lounge

Your baggage will be taken care of in our baggage bays

and for those early check ins it will head to our long term baggage storage

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my newest airport!


wow! great work

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You’ve got a lot of pretty good and realistic ideas - let us hope, things like lounges and so on will have a function in further builds of the game.

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Thank you guys, yes I’ll be honest there is a lot of useless rooms/areas but would be great if one day they were real!

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i love the detail and attention put into this

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Fabulous ! wish i could do stuff like this too >.<

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Amazing build! Some really nice ideas.

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Thanks for the replies, need some inspiration for my next build!

I forgot to add a couple of screen grabs, small but i’m sure you will agree important rooms…

We are back in departures, and here we have our toilet area in a little more details, of course male and female, along with disabled toilets. At the top you will also notice our family room, for nursing mothers to take a private moment and feed their children.


Mirrored on the other side we also have toilets again and a children’s play area or as it has become known with the staff at the airport… The Carpet Showcase!


Downstairs in arrivals we also have our Janitors store room and rest area, something broken or they just needs to empty their trash carts, the team will head here!

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Very nice build and a very nice eye for detail! :+1: I always enjoy these very detailed airports and envy the creative mind!


Awesome build indeed! Many great ideas… :heart_eyes:


Amazing build!!! This will add a lot of design ideas to the Airport Design Collection Topic! I will add many of the images in your post!! Thanks for sharing in that topic!!!