List: All real airline mods for Airport CEO

Hi, I was wondering if you could do more Dominican airlines like Sky High Aviation and Dominican Pawa. Thank you.pawa dominicana

Hello, how are you? I was wondering if you can do more Dominican airlines please like sky high aviation service and pawa dominicanaimage image image image

Nice Liveries, saw them a while ago but sadly no modable fleet at the moment, will add them to our list and hope those planes get in game

you forgot about Shaheen Air pakidtan airline


That’s a nice livery. I will put that on our ToDo list. May someone will pick it up and make it. :slight_smile:

look at the world… less and less Countries are blanked out and missing an Airline in ACEO :slight_smile:


Country Code is now included for future use in game… and the map is now better accessible…

Just a note on statistic: 832 Real Airlines are available, 754 airlines are done by the ACEO Modding Group


How do I join the group?

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Looks like a covid spreading map. :crazy_face: :roll_eyes: :see_no_evil:

lol that map is way older… :slight_smile: and Covid in Antarctica?
it is a bit outdated, never updated that map…

Added Supersonic as filter option to the sheet

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I just noticed that all the Mods from The Rubble are offline…any reason for this and will these mods be back? Missing the Emirates and Singapore Airlines mods already.

Yeah, we noticed. That was his personal decision.
Sure those airline mods will somehow come back. But redoing them in a similar great quality takes a bit time.

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I have re-uploaded Emirates and Singapore. You will however if a previous save need to refresh contracts.

You can blame repackagers for the disappearance of all of my mods. I do add a note that it’s not something they should do. It’s ignored and I reached a point I could no longer ignore it.

I’m sorry it messed up your game.

DM me if you need more help.


Thanks for re-uploading Emirates and Singapore Airlines :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to hear the reason for your decission to remove your work from the Steam-workshop, you did a great work on all your mods en really enjoyed them!

That is a shame, as I only played this game to re-create Australian airports using Qantas, etc. Especially with your models being so well-made, and incredibly detailed. However an understandable decision, which I respect.

Wish you all the best :slight_smile:

They will slowly be added back.


Great to see them back! And looking forward for more additions (like special liveries, but also new types like the 737-800 of Singapore Airlines which is now part of the mod :slight_smile: )


Just ANZ missing for now. Soon™.

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