Let’s Discuss: Airlines

I’m sure most (if not all) of us here like (or love!) to fly… so let’s talk about Airlines!

Some bullet points you may want to discuss:

● Your favourite airline and why?
● Are you loyal to (and prefer to use) any one airline?
● Any airlines you would like to fly with?
● Is there any airline you would never fly with (and why)?
● If you had an airline, what would it be called?



here is my answer:

1)Easyjet, Thomson and Flybe (can’t choose)

2)Yes Easyjet

3)BMI regoinal

4)Air China because some people say it is unsafe

5)Doyle Air, FlywithFinley

  1. Lufthansa (great service for the price), jetblue (Just love the different tail logos).

  2. Whatever is cheapest when I’m flying but still has good service!

  3. Air New Zealand

  4. Air Koryo (For obvious reasons).

  5. idk, that’s what consultants are for.

My favorite airline has to be Royal Mail. The planes are pretty awesome in the fact that they only have a few seats with plenty of room however it can get a little chilly since they lack good heating out of the cockpit.

Great initiative! :smiley:

  • I haven’t been traveling that much lately but I think that Norwegian is a quite good airline. I flew between New York and Copenhagen not too long ago and had a really comfortable flight (managed to claim the emergency exit, gotta love that extra leg space) with food that I wasn’t prepared to receive and that was actually quite tasty. The Dreamliner was nice and the WiFi actually worked flawlessly. Also, the tickets were a fraction of the cheapest one I could find using a flight search engine site.

  • I’m not loyal, I go with the cheapest option (with reasonable time and stops of course).

  • Never flown with Emirates, would be nice to go on their A380s.

  • I generally don’t want to fly with Ryan Air… for obvious reasons…

  • Haha, not sure… I guess we’ll find out… :wink:

Oloflies? ;p

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I’ve never seen their planes before - but just had a look now. They look like flying fire engines, I love it. :joy:

Ahhhh! I’m so jealous, I really want to go on a Dreamliner! :smirk:

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Haha, that’s a really good name actually, sounds like a small and local airline, I like it. Although if the service was bad, or if we’d have issues arriving on time, it would quickly amongst the passengers be called “Olof Lies”…

If I’m not mistaken, Norwegian made a huge investment and purchased a bunch of Dreamliners and replaced their entire fleet. I think they are essentially adopting the model explained in this video(?):

  1. Singapore Airlines and Emirates. Flown these two the most often especially the A380s and 777s
  2. Yes Singapore Airlines, been flying them since young.
  3. British Airways and Qatar Airways
  4. So far only China Eastern Airlines. The crew was so rude asking me to get my own water and the food was horrid but that was about 10 years ago stuff
  5. Speciale Airways…following my username haha

I do not think I have a favourite. If I have to choose I would say KLM mainly because their blue airplanes, they really stand out.

Nope, I use the one that fits the trip best.

Maybe an Asian airline.

I would say Ryanair because of all the negativity I have heard about it.

Well Lion Air does exist so I say Lion’s Mane Airways

Your favourite airline and why?

It’s hard to pick one, but I love flying Aer Lingus. The crews have always been brilliant.

Are you loyal to (and prefer to use) any one airline?

Not particularly. I used to be a frequent flier with Virgin Atlantic, but since their “Little Red” operation closed I’ve been somewhat isolated from their network.

Any airlines you would like to fly with?

Emirates. (A380 FC, of course!). Something about the brand screams “luxury”.
And Air Koryo. Certainly looks to be an interesting/unique experience if nothing else!

Is there any airline you would never fly with (and why)?

Ryanair. Poor customer service, poorly treated staff. And they’re often not the cheapest. I don’t want to give Michael O’Leary any money, and I will pay a premium to fly with another airline and/or make a transfer if needed to avoid them.

Otherwise, I’d give them all a go. But any more bad eggs will make it onto this list.

If you had an airline, what would it be called?

Claymore Airways

  • my favorite airline is Lufthansa. Why… I like the way how I feel comfortable and secure. I know each aircraft will be in good shape.
  • jupp, I’m loyal to LH. When I fly to a destination I prefer LH, if they fly have a route.
  • of course I flew many times Aeroflot and each time, I feel comfortable
  • ohhh yeah Avianca - I’ll never with avianca any more, when it’s possible. Kind story, but I’m really sure, everybody who flew with this Airline, they knows what I mean.
  • hmm … the airline with the most happiest employees… I guess :wink:

My answer:

  1. United,Southwest,Delta, (Depends On who flies where and how cheap)
    Old one was Frontier Airlines since they were from Denver.
  2. Yes Southwest
  3. Any regional Airline in Colorado
  4. Air Koryo ( For obvious reasons).
  5. Air Connections
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  1. Easyjet, BA and Austrian
  2. Nope
  3. Singapore airlines and emirates
  4. Ryanair for a variety of reasons
  5. no idea

● Your favourite airline and why?
Undisclosed. In fact the only major airlines I flew with are QR and AA and I think AA was somewhat better but mainly because the QR 787 with 3-3-3 seating is horrible for a person like me. I ain’t fat but tall… (6’2")

● Are you loyal to (and prefer to use) any one airline?
Biased by my employer and historic experience on holidays; Condor.
Not loyal to any major carrier.

● Any airlines you would like to fly with?
All. LOL Would love to fly some airline still flying 737-200 or so. :confused:

● Is there any airline you would never fly with (and why)?
Definetely not any airline that is causing just more destruction in society: Ryanair! :smiley: I rather stay home.
But also I wouldn’t fly Saudia or Qatar Airways (anymore) and some others for political and personal reasons and if avoiding is affordable to me.

● If you had an airline, what would it be called?
Well, I had a lot of airlines in the last 9 years in “AirlineSim” :smiley: I don’t really know…


@alpha: current server and airline? :wink:

many @Yukawa :smiley: > FENCC01

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● Your favourite airline and why?

Cathay Pacific, because the service is pretty good.

● Are you loyal to (and prefer to use) any one airline?

I fly Cathay most times (I go to Hong Kong about 3 times a year!)

● Any airlines you would like to fly with?

I’d love to try Air New Zealand and maybe Emirates.

● Is there any airline you would never fly with (and why)?

Ryanair. Yes, the Autumn getaway is only £19.99, but add the extra costs and fines and whatnot, and you’ll find it’s not such value for money.

● If you had an airline, what would it be called?

Chimpeh Airways

  1.     Etihad or Emirates, maybe JetBlue
  2.  Loyal to JetBlue, fly them as much as possible
  3. Nah, not really. Maybe another flight on Emirates

  4. Spirit Airlines, everything about them sucks.

  5. Not sure, maybe Air Ryan (the EXACT OPPOSITE of RyanAir)

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  1. Mainly easyjet or Norwegian. I really like Norwegian for their competitive prices and still maintaining excellent service. But Lufthansa is probably my favourite one.
  2. I used to be loyal to SAS but they aren’t especially good anymore. Too much cost-cuts which has affected service onboard.
  3. La Compagnie. Google and you’ll understand :wink:
  4. Any that has been blacklisted in the EU.
  5. Falcon Lines, Honey Airlines, Phoenix Travel or Sunshine Airways. Can’t decide which one