Larger aircraft on small runway/stand

Hello guys,

I am also back at Airport CEO and just started off with a small terminal for my first passenger flights.
However I think the game is very limited on types of planes that are able to be handled on small runways.
Is there a way to mod some files that let other planes (Ex: ATR 42, Q300) land on small runways?

I do agree that the stand/runway size ruled are a bit strange. An ATR-42 for example is almost the same length as the Saab 340, yet it cannot land on a small runway while the Saab can.

Open that spoiler area :wink: . I don’t know how runways will work (what types of planes can be handled), but this may solve some size issues.

Remember in alpha when you could extend runways?

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Oh yes, that was the best. Also the ability to create your own runway entrances and decide where the holding point was :face_holding_back_tears: