Large Security Checkpoints

Feature request title:
Large Security Check points

The ability to have large security check points, if like me you have to devote a large space to security, i think it would be good to implement this. This would help with the passenger flow, allowing them to handle more passengers per hour than the medium and small points, and help decrease delays. I personally would have it so you had 1 metal detector in the middle with a scanner either side, similar as to what is found in many UK airports, serviced by just 1 queue and passengers filter in. You could also add the full body scanners for an extra layer.

Why it should be implemented:
Help with passenger flow, stop delays happening due to a busy security area, and save space rather than having multiple medium points

I would love to be able to separate the security check points from the queue system.
But rather be able to connect separate queues to one or more security points.

This way I would be able to make 1 single queue that connects to 2 or more security points.
Rather than having 6 separate queues to handle 6 security checks


I think this would be a great idea, I also think it should be applied to check-in desks

Yes the idea that you could assign the end point of a queue to an object making the queue an entity in its own right would be great, either defining a single queue for multiple items or multiple queues for a single item.

good call everyone, i have created a new thread for independent queues

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