Is there a wiki yet?

Does anyone know if a game wiki been started? Not sure if the devs are going to start one or weather it will be up to us.

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Hey there! No, there’s no official Wiki yet and there likely won’t be until we have time building one. Hopefully when the game is out we’ll have some time, and the community can help us! :slight_smile:


I’m sure many people in this forum will be very happy to help! :+1:


Given that wikis are meant to be community driven I doubt it’s even worth it until the game is out. Also… Will a game like this necessarily need a wiki? There’s only so many objects…

You can do it on Discourse. You can create a topic as a wiki and other members of the community will have the option to edit that topic.

Well I’d like Fandom Wikia… Where we cannot be banned.

Don’t tell me you both will build that.:expressionless: Let the community for that. Like you both can start it. But the features and tricks will be posted by community as we discover them.

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Rhey have to set it up. At least if you want :slight_smile:
We can do the filling :slight_smile:


Yeah but you won’t get the airportceo domain and they might want an official wiki which they can manage whilst we provide the content, your wiki which currently is pretty useless since we don’t have access to the game is unlikely to get any official support and they’ll probably create their own.

Yes, I suppose we would not need one until the release, I just hope the devs have a wiki account

Even OpenTTD (Re-created Transport Tycoon game) which can be played by 5 y.o to create 2 station line or by 35 y.o with master complexity railroad empire has this wiki:

I am definitely sure a complex game like ACEO would need something like this. Maybe not a wiki page but maybe a tutorial topic in forum. For example baggage system. I still have questions in my mind if I design my baggage system different than what developers show.

Will move my reply too ;p

OpenTTD is far more content rich than many tycoon games. It has varying amounts of difficulty… And best part?? U can build dozens of designs for a simple hub.

It has a more complex mechanics than ACEO at the current stage. So a wiki is obvious for it. OTTD needs a wiki, if u want to enjoy it… Due to lack of proper tutorials.

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