Inter-zone ! and its horrible everytime

seriously… !!
it’s bad to spend more of your time correcting in the international zone at gates and passport control…
the write in red exclamation mark, “does not have access to custom zone” whatever its means, and that every time you choose to use inter-zone…

what the hell is the point when everything is…

Can you show the entire airport with active zones and where the passengers are with those errors?

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can you tell me… how to get this table like this with int-zone…
its call in this guide

maybe i not can use the inter-zone

this is my airport, 2floor and 1 floor

what i do wrong

as you can see, I hafe a green mil, so… what the probs…

Where is your security checkpoint?

If you use two international zones to separate arrivals and departures, you still need a passport check for the other way. (Those red boxes you have). Without that becoming green, your zone is not valid.

There is an example


Yes. Those are all in the “in” direction. You need at least one the other way. If a flight is canceled then the people need to be able to leave in some way, and with the current setup they cant

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