Infinite (or x10) staff applications for Sandbox mode

It is really painful that when you create a big airport on sandbox and you can hire only 5-8 staff at once. Can developers change limito to x10 so 50-80 applications happen or if possible; infinite amounth of applications?


Lol… my non sandbox games have this problem too! :slight_smile:


Staff application page as well as procurement page in the management panel are due for a make over. We’re working with a UI/UX consultant as of now (the one we’ve written about earlier) who I assume will have a few comments about these systems as well as how we should fix it! :slight_smile:


I assume UI/UX improvement will start after feature implementations of remote stands, mult, floor and other service systems so is it possible to create a short term fix by adding a “0” right next to "spawn_#_of_applications: " or something? :blush:


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