Industry flights

I like where the game is going.
But will it be a nice idea to have industry flights.

To store good in storage warehouses.
Frute, electronic like Samsung Sony ect ect

Koeriers like
DHL FedEx ups tnt
Packets to send to other airports cities

To check industry flights and commercial flights.

And something different

Prison: to lock up people who are very bad.
Dronk persons
Illegale people

So what do you guys think about this ideas.

Hello Dave and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

If you mean by ‘industry flights’ cargo flights, you’re question is already discussed on the forum:

The devs also talked a bit about customs:

Prison is also something already discussed in this discussion:

This topic can also be interesting:

Please try to use the search function of the forum next time that you come up with ideas and try to discuss the different ideas in the appropriate discussions. :wink:


Thx Jeremyk for the info… I couldn’t find the topic on search. So i posted a topic about it.

Jeremyk is there also a topic about cities:

A multiplayer option: so you can see the needs for goods and tourism in your place or other places.

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Like this one?

And the devs have been clear about multi player : No. :slight_smile:

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I think there are a few about cities, for example

I actually think this is a good idea like with the DHL ect… Also, welcome to the forum! :wink:

Thx guys for the warm welkom… I’ll read the post soonly

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