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Dear all, I just started to watch the second Video (for I don’t even know how many time) and somehow that sparked an idea:

  1. Security - If you already use the Prison Architect engine or something alike, how about adding prison or holding cells to the airport. Maybe even interrogation rooms as well.
    This could add up with training staff (if implemented) and go both ways, for arriving passengers that have to go through some kind of immigration and those that go through security and maybe…have something suspicious in their bags.
    Why would you build them? Let’s say - and I’m just making stuff up here - once you hit a certain passanger throughput, there will be a chance for something like smugglers or terrorists or just random government checks (call it, what you want) that would influence your security ranking, if you don’t catch them and you would only be able to have bigger aircrafts or certain airlines / business coming to your airport with such security ranking.
    Also, your own staff could be injured for whatever reason (a drunk guy/robber in the duty free shop, just all those unfortunate events that happen once in a while).

  2. Health - How about an infirmary that would take care of certain problems like collapsing passengers, food poisoning etc. that randomly occure (or that could be linked to some sort of food or flight origins etc.).
    Again, having this as a lever to influence your airport’s standing in some way towards passangers and airlines or regulators.

Hopefully this didn’t come up anywhere else already, my quick search didn’t show anything.
I just had to think about it since both was somehow in the original Prison Architect, maybe that’s why the imagination was so vivid.
I’m by no means mad, if this would add too much complexity or is hard to include in current structures, of course!
However, if it is a welcome input, I’m more than happy to help, It was in such plain sight though, that somebody must have thought about it before…right?

Cheers, Spicy!

Cells?? Nah… Interrogation rooms?? Yes
The suspects will be handed to city Police if found any suspicious indications while interrogation… but no cells please.
Infirmary??? Definitely yes!!!

This has been discussed before. I am too lazy to provide the links… :grin:as the Search doesn’t work very accurately. :face_with_head_bandage:


Hi there, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

there is no such thing as a Prison architect engine.
The games are both built in Unity i believe, but that is a general game engine, without the prison architect logic.

So any logic concerning holding cells has to be coded from scratch :slight_smile:

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@NastyGamer Thanks for the info!
Cells only as holidng cells until the city police arrives. Basically you put them there and the police picks them up.

@pderuiter Ouch! Okay, yeah…well…ooops! :smiley:
Good to know that! In that case it might be a bit more unlikely or just work intesive.
I’ll leave it here as inspiration, just in case.

Choo choo! There are no breaks on the hype train!

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Also there will be some crime, but not too much, simulated, in the first versions of Airport CEO, so there won’t really be a need for a holding cells- type of feature. I seem to recall the developers saying that large-scale crime like terrorism not being simulated.

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No problem, keep the ideas coming though… there is always features to add for the full release :smiley:


I don’t imagine airports have infirmaries. Those requiring medical attention are either seen to by first aiders or by paramedics who usually transport them to hospital. While the first aiders usually have a room in which to work, it wouldn’t really be an infirmary - more of a consultation room. There is a low threshold for sending people to hospital.

The police are generally present in the airport; although I’ve never seen anyone being arrested I’d expect that they’d just ship them out to the police station. I’d imagine that the immigration officers do have cells of some sort, although thankfully I’ve never been anywhere near them! If and when immigration is implemented, they may need cells.

I apologise for any confusion when it comes to the meaning of infirmary. English is just my second language.
After some research the word medical center might hit it - not sure though.

Most international airports have some sort of facility with several rooms and physicians, with equipment specialised for first aid (not life-threating stuff like cuts, broken ankle & sometimes even x-ray), vaccination and other travel-related treatment, nothing fancy. Also, pharmacies are not uncommen to be found in terminals. I’ve also found airports with dentists - for whatever reason.
Just to give you an idea. But let’s see what can and cannot be implemented.

I think the limitation is that Olof and Fredrik haven’t found a way to clone themselves yet :smiley:

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Would be a valued extra, but I do not think it will be in the pre-alpha’s nor should it.

Actually infirmary was the correct word.
Definition of infirmary:
A place in a large institution (our Airport) for the care of those who are ill.

We need am infirmary for those who throw up or rather have their stomach upset :persevere:

Medical center is more of a hospital
… where equipments are required…And can handle some amount of emergencies.

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It’s good to have facilities,but it should limit to a building without layout design

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