Images of Tutorial Airport and Dev Blog Airport

Any chance to @Olof or @Fredrik to release full images of the tutorial airport and dev blog airport please. I am building both but struggling with the tiny images in game.

I’ve had a quick look and I cannot remember the title of the post, but for the Dev Blog they have actually been posted in quite a lot of detail as some else did a recreation, again I cannot remember whom.

I did the full international one a while back…

  • My Save (I consider it very private, pls don’t use it in other media posts. I put days into it, so be mindful)
  • Images are found on the now semi-hidden devblogs (Look at alpha 30+), Steam images, Launch Video, and this.
  • If you want to build it from scratch, different versions are your greatest enemy. With one exception, every spot and level can be found somewhere.
  • It’s a long and arduous process, so be ready. Just have fun

This is what you’re looking for: (@Schwayne seems to be continuing in a new topic)

I haven’t fully finished mine (no colored hangars) but it’s mostly done. (all infrastructure, staff, vehicles, indoor coloring)


I have made the one from the dev blog but just need to tinker to make it perfect. But i mean the one that the team uses to create screen shots in the in game tutorial. Hope this helps.

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Those look like random airports, couldn’t find any other pictures…

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Do you mean the airports from the in-game tutorial images? Those are as mentioned just random airports… our big test airport is the one that is featured on Steam! :slight_smile:

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As I understand the tutorial airports are what @Schwayne is talking about. And I know the steam airport is the same as the develop (devblog :rofl:) one. It’s the one I linked the save to above

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