Recreating Devblog Airports

I’m in the process of making the airports seen in the devblogs and shown off by the AIRPORT CEO team. Has anybody else tried to recreate them.

Pictures will follow soon.


I tried, and failed. I can’t wait to see it! :wink:

Are you making the one in early access trailer, AKA multi terminal airport. Or are you making the one with only small gates.

I have done the small medium and large ones. However the large one is proving difficult with little to no data on the multi floor.

Hi so here is the over view of the entire airport so far.

Next is a close up of the main terminal.

Here is the roof off showing the layout of the terminal

And lastly one of a close up of the terminal layout.

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I am still trying to figure out the 2nd building which is hosting the large aircraft. I am using images from the early access trailer and various images I have noticed links to the layout from various devblogs.


this is somewhat to the right of the escalators on the last screenshot :wink:


and yes, the stairs in my picture just go down and then back up.
I think @Olof made it so he didn’t have to move his conveyorbelt :joy:

That said, it’s actually a really cool airport, containing every single feature ingame!


@Jettuh Do you have anymore screenshots so I can complete the rest?

I know, that conveyer belt… :rofl: But yeah, I agree.

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I can’t really share more till Alpha 35 is shared tho :wink:

But I think your general layout is pretty spot on!


Wait, did you design this airport?

Me? No, Olof created this airport and uses it to test new features.

But Schwayne did a great job recreating it


Oh, sorry. It sounded like you made it as if you could show more but not until Alpha 35. Again, sorry.

I have more photos to post regarding the second terminal which I will upload tomorrow.


Can’t wait to see it! I think I am going to give this one a go as well.

Well the picture was taken in Alpha 35, so i can’t take pictures of the inside as it shows some of the new stuff which I don’t want to spoil, once 35 is live, i’ll share some more pictures so Schwayne can improve his layout

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Cheers @Jettuh.

Thanks @Jettuh! Have a good day!

So after a little bit of tinkering here is the main terminal.

The next floor up.

Terminal 2 for the large AC.

and the first floor.


-1 Level.

and the interlinking tunnel between terminal 1 and 2.

Still a work in progress from the images and trying to piece all of them together.

Once more images from Alpha 35 are released I can like @Jettuh mentions further improve on it.