Ideas that I have came up with

I have an idea, there should be a random chance that the flight will be canceled or delayed due to snow or something like that, or runways that will be reserved for emergency landings. Maybe also that they might crash the plane. Longer runways or runways with added gravel will have a less chance of letting the plane crash. After the crash, the runway will be unusable until the NTSB finished their evidence collecting. And maybe add like a fire station with firefighters and ems crews. There should also be terrorist attacks or something like that, which will make the airport unusable. Also special runways like water runways, ice runways and sand runways.

Events: Crashes and Terrorist attacks have been discussed in community but no comment from the Devs. As it is they are not very common.

Extra Runway: I don’t get it. Emergency runway?? Runways are costly to build and just reserving a runway for emergencies (which aren’t very common) is a waste of money.:money_mouth_face:

Fire stations are there. But don’t know about EMS.:hospital::fire_engine:

Different terrain runways?? See the Dev’s answer.:airplane:

But the game has weather implemented, so snow falls do occur, requiring u to de-ice your runways.:grinning:

The devs have, quite wisely IMO, already said that there won’t be anything like major terrorist attacks or hull loss incidents in the game. They are ultimately very rare events, but have a huge impact on those who were affected by them.

I’d like to see emergency landings, though. In the real world, planes do perform emergency landings from time to time for a variety of reasons (technical, medical, security), and it’s not so uncommon that they shouldn’t be included. I’m sure airports are essentially duty bound to accept a diversion in case of emergency. Medical and security threats could generally go to stand and be met by paramedics/police, whereas more serious technical problems could necessitate an on-runway evacuation.

This introduces a bit of variety into the game, and although they are still uncommon events having an emergency divert in is something that should probably happen at least once over the course of a normal run-through. It will test the airport’s emergency response and resilience. The runway may be blocked for some time, or you would have to have an extra stand ready for contingencies. I don’t think any airports have a spare runway for emergencies (except perhaps a few that have seen a dramatic reduction in passenger numbers), but certainly having multiple usable runways will help develop resilience.

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Planes returning to the departing airport happens pretty frequently.

The plane doesn’t have to be on fire just to return to an airport, more often than not a weird smell alone is enough to return.

Also the game could have simulated gear issues (landing gear not locking) resulting in a mandatory fly by past the tower.

The airport I work out frequently gets visited by Boeing 777s on a maintenance flight, they do a fly over the field to practice airport approaches and check whether all the system are working correctly. My airport however can’t even handle the aircraft itself. (The runway can, the GSE cannot)

Thanks for the nice ideas, but they can be posted/are already posted in this topic:

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I know you wanted to share your thoughts/ideas for the game, but from next time just post the small ideas on Suggestions thread, if they don’t require discussion.:smiley:
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I sent an email about this to the devs couple months ago, and they told me to post it in the forums, so I just directly copy and paste it and correct some grammars and then post it xD
I’ll read the rules, thanks very much!

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Also, I don’t think he meant emergency runways…
I think he meant planes declaring mayday, or requesting an emergency landing on a runway.

For that we could simply give landing preference for the particular plane. Whereas he meant to ‘reserve’ a runway for emergency landings only.

My Impression was that the ‘emergency runway’ would be used in case the main runway is closed - an old(er) and not fully retired runway with less infrastructure maybe.

Should have specified before.

By ‘reserved’ emergency runways, I meant that the runway will act as a normal runway, but it will be reserved once there is an emergency.

Btw, I think during emergency landings, all other planes shouldn’t be allowed to land or take off.

That is generally the case, once the rescue services are deployed most airports do not allow activity that might need the rescue services until they are available again, such as take-off and landings.

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And, the airspace must be cleared. So definitely no take offs or landings.
As they say, when you declare mayday ‘you own the skies’

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Maybe there should be some premium(business/first cls) lounges for some airlines…

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@Yoshe this question was already asked. You can find the answer to it in this topic:

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