Ideas for New Things

Hey guys, I have been thinking for a while that we have ideas that will make ACEO much more fun and better, or any other functions the devs could add manually to make the game more interesting. I will be making the post for devs and modders to get and idea for what to develop and maybe add it in the game.

edit: please do not add any airplane liverys or any other plane skin request in here, add it here

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I’m sorry to break it to you, but there will be no more major features coming. It is only minor bug fixing now.

I know the team won’t make any big improvements, but we can still dream.

My hopes are:

  1. Mass training button for the staff. Clicking all those train buttons gets tedious when you have staff numbering 1100.
  2. A way to make a schedule of slots for the auto planner to fill so my perfect schedule of cascading flights at my big airports lasts more than three days. I had it down to a science with a flight landing or departing every 5 minutes to not overload anything only for the auto planner to schedule 5 flights at the same time and kill the perfect efficiency.
  3. Connecting Passengers. Seems like it would be fun to have to manage when people miss their connections and which airlines you place near each other.
  4. Rental car facilities and hotels within the airport.
  5. Better balance of transit capacity so people like me don’t put 25 subways and no car, bus, or taxis stops because they aren’t efficient.

I also was hoping like a mini DLC or just a add-on, a connection, that allows us get passengers moving from our airport to another, bringing more profit.

Oh its ok, this was just made to be a much more of a influence to modders.

well the only modding that is really capable is airlines and shops because of the spaghetti code.

Let’s see it as ACEO 2 wishlist. :slight_smile:


That is true, I guess we could ask some more “advanced” coders to somehow add-on to things, and yes, my purpose for this was to be like a “wish list.”

In that case

  • add more modding options

as currently, we cannot access the coding without breaking the EULA.

Hmm, yes. Checked the codes for finding a way to make modding more easier, but it does look hard to change the codes with the current state.

edit: Maybe there should be something we could download that helps people modding and coding to bypass that barrier? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

It needs a huge redesign of the coding to add modding support. Something we cannot expect as mentioned, the devs work on a new project.

So we are limited to business mods, logos and stickers.

Last night, I was thinking of some airports while playing ACEO, so I thought of an idea
that I remember from a few years ago. The idea was for remote stands, and Václav Havel Airport Prague has a pretty interesting remote stand logistics, take a look here:

On the side, you could see a glimpse of the remote stands, but they have connecting taxiways in front of it too, saving some extra pushback trucks. they come in from the other side, exit by just starting their aircraft and going straight, coming out to the taxiway across. I am pretty sure that this won’t be in ACEO, but will be a great mod to put in.

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Airport CEO does have remote stands and while the service road in front of a stand is fixed you can easily add a road behind the stand as well! :slight_smile:

pilotjude refers to the drive-through stands where a plane leaves to the front of the stand without the need of a push back.


Those are all excellent ideas. Number 2 would be really helpful. The automated plane placement is useless for large airports, on the contrary it introduces more problems.

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I am still hoping that someone makes a modd that allows the player to modify/negotiate:

  1. the max amount of flights that each airline offers on a per airline basis (wether it be 10 for maple and 100 or more for skyfly, maybe through introduction of a hub concept).
  2. Wether the airline offers only domestic/foreign flights or a proportion of both that can be set/ negotiated by the player (as well as the proportion of small/medium and big airplanes irrespective of the amount of each stand type present at the airport). There was a time when players could set the proportion of airplane size with a slider (although not on a per airline basis). What happened to this option?
  3. Be able to assign airplane types to certain stands. This would help (together with foxxygaucho suggestion) in making the autoplaner more effective.
  4. Assign more then one airline to a gate
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Its been a while since this topic has some new posts being posted, so let me get through my own list of what i want.

  1. baggage system for small check in stands, upgradable, the same way you upgrade materials for runways and stands, this idea is an idea by That_abrams (see the OG posts here.)

  2. More aircraft types???

  3. I love having an extreme amount of emergencies, but if i want that, I need to change the diff. I don’t want to change the diff.

  4. More types of emergencies(?) would be more fun (?)

  5. Different map types, like islands, mountains, I know some people like the ‘simple’ version. But I love variety.